What are “bath salts” and how can you recover from bath salt addiction?

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What, exactly, are “bath salts” and how can you recover from bath salt addiction?

Getting the best bath salts recovery treatment requires the intervention of professional. You need to turn to the right rehabilitation center for full recovery. Making the right decision of bath salts rehab program requires you to consider some essential factors. At first, you need to find the most appropriate treatment for you. Depending on your condition, you should find the most suitable program which will set you on the right path to recovery. The next essential factor is figuring out the severity of your addiction. It lets you to determine the best bath salt recovery program for you.

Address the Underlying Mental Health Issues

Before enrolling in a rehabilitation program, it is advisable to analyze the severity of mental, behavioral, or medical damage. If any of these complications is present, you will need to seek a rehabilitation center that will take care of these problems in addition to the salt bath addiction requirements. Are you abusing other substances which might complicate the recovery process? Is there any additional health information that might make the recovery process less effective? And only after considering such essential factors, you will be able to determine the ideal bath salt treatment for you.

Is inpatient Bath Salt Addiction Treatment good for you?

If you choose an inpatient bath salt treatment center, it means you will live within the institution as you receive treatment.This is a good option, especially for the severe addicts. An inpatient treatment is more immersive and time-intensive approach than an outpatient treatment. The most of inpatient treatment facilities offer 24-hour medical care, if necessary. The inpatient recovery procedures include initial assessment where the professionals are able to gauge the level of addiction. By considering the severity of the condition, the experts are able to recommend the most appropriate therapies. The next procedure involves bath salts detox. This therapy implies that professionals control the necessary drugs, which help the toxins leave your body.

The detox process is followed by series of therapy sessions. The number of sessions depends on the level of addiction. As for less serious cases, 30 days within the rehabilitation facility is enough for recovery. In the case of severe addiction, you need to stay within the rehabilitation center for up to 90 days. Over this time, you will undergo intensive therapies that can change your life. These include individual and group therapies.

Outpatient Recovery Treatments

Most of the people who suffer from bath salts addiction are not able to leave work or school to focus on the treatment. Outpatient rehabilitation programs provide such individuals recovery therapies. In the course of the recovery, the patients are required to attend both group and individual therapies. Also, there are intensive outpatient treatment therapies which take place  three or four days a week. Treatment professionals usually recommend more intensive inpatient programs for people who have serious addiction problems. Persons with milder substance dependencies can enroll for the outpatient programs. All these programs help patients to regain their normal lives.