Using Yoga To Fuel Your Recovery

Using Yoga To Fuel Your Recovery

Many recovering addicts are initially skeptical of the idea of using yoga to assist with their recovery, but when becoming addiction free it is important to have an open mind. Yoga is a form of exercise, and as with any exercise it provides a number of important benefits for recovering addicts, which includes improved well-being, stress release, and improved health, strength and endurance.

The Origins Of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient discipline which was developed in India. It comes in multiple forms, but two of the most well-known are Raja yoga and Hatha yoga. While the practice has existed in India for thousands of years, it didn’t reach the West until the 19th century. Yoga doesn’t restrict itself to merely physical forms of exercise as is the case with most fitness systems in the West, but also includes a spiritual component.

Yoga involves a variety of movements which are designed to alleviate various health problems while strengthening the body, especially the spine. Some research has indicated that yoga has provided excellent benefits from those that suffer from heart disease, back pain or other musculoskeletal issues. The spiritual aspect of yoga recognizes that overcoming challenges such as drug addiction can be too much for one person and encourages a connection to a stronger force through meditation.

The Art Teaches Self-Discipline

In addition to physical rejuvenation Yoga also teaches self-discipline, a characteristic which is crucial to successfully overcoming drug addiction for good. Yoga will give you the power to resist negative impulses through actions which are positive, and yoga also allows recovering addicts to channel and control their emotions.

It’s an Art that Creates Inner Peace And Balance

Many people become addicted to drugs because they suffer from tremendous turmoil, anxiety or rage, often theresult of bad things that they’ve experienced during their lives. They use drugs because it allows them, for a brief period of time, to escape from all this. However, the fix is only temporary, and once the user come down from their high their problems will be there waiting for them.

Yoga provides something that no controlled substance can, and this is true inner peace and harmony. Many practitioners have stated that yoga is superior to standard exercise regimens because it involves spirituality combined with acceptance, deep breathing, meditation, and a mastery of one’s own body. This makes the practice particularly relevant for many recovering addicts which is precisely why many rehab centers have incorporated it into their facilities.

Yoga’s popularity continues to grow in rehab centers across the country, and this is because it works. It combines far eastern mysticism and self-awareness with concrete physical movements that promote well-being. Recovering drug addicts are in need of a system which allows them to escape from the mundane confines of reality but which does not have the many negative side effects which are associated with regular drug usage. Those former addicts who have taken yoga seriously have often said that by comparison drugs are little more than a cheap and fast imitation.