Why the USA is Experiencing a Surge of New Illegal Street Drugs

Why The USA Is Experiencing A Surge Of New Illegal Street Drugs

A number of experts have noted a surge in the new drugs which are appearing on the streets of the U.S. The majority of these substances are synthetic in nature and it has both law enforcement and government officials dismayed as to the root of the problems and how to solve it. The War on Drugs that President Nixon started some 40 years ago is not only ineffective, but has been completely eviscerated.

Where The New Drugs Are Coming From

There are a plethora of reasons why illegal drugs have resurged on the streets of America. One reason has to do with advances in technology. Experts in chemistry and pharmacology have figured out newer, faster, and more cost effective ways to mass produce controlled substances, which are then distributed by organized crime syndicates into the inner cities and suburbs of the U.S.

The other technological game changer is the internet. The anonymity and global reach of the web has made it easier and safer for drug dealers and drug users to do business. Whereas in the past dealers had to meet addicts face to face, running the risk of being busted in sting operations, drugs can now be sold online and delivered via mail order, making it incredibly difficult for law enforcement to determine or apprehend the source of the drugs.

The two nations which are most responsible for the recent surge of drugs into the United States are none other than Mexico and China. Mexico’s dominance in the drug trade is partly due to the fact that it shares a long, porous border with the U.S. Additionally, Mexican drug cartels have filled the power vacuum that was left after the demise of the Medellin and Cali cartels in Colombia during the late 1980s and early 1990s. As far as the drug business goes, China is a new kid on the block, and its role in the narcotics business is a bit ironic given the fact that being caught with drugs within China itself is considered a capital offense.

How The Surge in Illegal Drugs Adversely Affects America’s Society and National Security

China’s increasing role in the illegal drug trade happens at a time when tensions between it and the United States continue to increase. While China doesn’t sell drugs directly to America’s youth in the same manner as the Mexican cartels, it is the source of precursor chemicals that are used in the manufacture of these substances, as well as the weapons which are used in cartel and gang violence.

Many of the Chinese illegal drugs that are being used in the U.S. are absolutely deadly. One such example is synthetic marijuana, which has little in common with traditional marijuana and in some cases has instantly killed first time users. The doctors that treat those who are taken to the hospital for overdose are often clueless to what these synthetic substances are. Both the federal and state government in the U.S. must view these illegal drugs as a national security threat, because over the long term, it is.