Understanding Jewish Drug Rehab

Understanding Jewish Drug Rehab

A number of drug rehab centers are offering treatments which are based on faith, and one such example is Jewish drug rehab. This therapy is designed for Jewish drug users who are seeking to overcome their addictions through spirituality and deeper understanding of their religion. There are a number of key differences between Jewish drug rehab and standard rehab treatment procedures. Jewish rehabilitation focuses on changes in behavior and thought, and instructions from the Torah are incorporated into the recovery process.

Drug addiction is one of the most powerful forces that a person can encounter, and for some, standard rehab treatments are simply not enough. These individuals believe that overcoming such a force permanently will require the assistance of faith and a higher power.

How Jewish Drug Treatment Works

Once a patient receives a standard detoxification they will then begin counseling. This counseling will be combined with various therapies which are designed to make changes to the patient’s lifestyle. Jewish treatment is designed to increase the spiritual awareness of the patient, as well as their growth and empowerment. The specific therapies which are used may vary slightly depending on the needs of the patient, but some of them include anger management, relationship counseling, relapse prevention and group therapy. The diverse treatments which are available mean that recovering addicts have many options to choose from when it comes to getting clean and breaking their habit. Jewish treatment focuses on both individual and group care.

Jewish rehab teaches the importance of faith as a patient recovers from their addiction. One reason why Jewish drug treatment has become so successful is because many patients are inspired by the comfort, history and tenets of the faith, and this form of treatment also gives recovering addicts a sense of belonging. Various methods which are unique to the Jewish faith will be incorporated by Jews who want a greater understanding of their religion and ways in which they can recover through the lessons their religion teaches.


Jewish drug treatment also focuses on the continued support of the patient after their formal rehabilitation is completed. Outreach staff will regularly contact the patient and offer them the opportunity to become involved in a variety of community based activities that may be promoted by the local synagogue. The network of support available for Jewish drug treatment is one of its best advantages.

A recovering addict that involves themselves in community activities are much less likely to get involved in situations where they are tempted to resume drug usage. A patient who opts for Jewish drug rehab will want to avoid any negative associations that could create temptation to use drugs, and instead spend time with other Jewish members who can serve as mentors and teachers, who can give them the strength to remain drug free permanently.  Members of the Jewish community will also provide both encouragement and motivation, guiding the former addict in a way that assists them in making their faith the focal point of their life.