Understanding Holistic Drug Addiction Programs

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Addiction is a multi-faceted problem that requires a wide variety of solutions. Too many drug rehab centers are contented to provide bare minimum services which provide basic care such as detoxification or therapy, while failing to address the many underlying factors that contribute to or are affected by drug addiction. As a consequence, many recovering addicts relapse shortly after leaving such treatment facilities. It is for this reason that holistic drug addiction programs are developed. These programs allow you to receive treatment which is specifically personalized to your needs.

How Do Holistic Drug Addiction Programs Work?

Holistic drug treatment programs offer comprehensive care which is considerably more advanced than the standard treatment that is provided at most facilities. In addition to relapse prevention, group therapy and detoxification, holistic treatment also encompasses things such as acupuncture, meditation, yoga, nutritional counseling, massages, animal therapy, education regarding addiction and even training for job skills.

Some of these therapies will work better for some patients than for others, and when entering a holistic drug addiction program, you will be carefully evaluated to determine which approach works best. The initial evaluation will also determine any psychological, physical or emotional concerns that require special attention during the duration of your treatment. The end result is a unique program which is tailored to your specific circumstances and needs. This type of service will not be available at the majority of rehab treatment centers, which instead utilize a “one size fits all” approach since this method is the most cost effective.

What Makes Holistic Drug Addiction Programs More Effective?

Addiction is not a phenomenon that occurs overnight. Instead it is the culmination of experiences and issues which an individual has encountered over the course of their lives. Some people become drug addicts because they’ve been physically or sexually abused, or perhaps they turn to controlled substances to deal with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which resulted from a traumatic experience. For others the loss of a job, divorce or the death of a loved one can result in the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

What makes holistic addiction treatment so effective is that it addresses these underlying issues. It gets to the root of the problem whereas standard rehab treatment deals primarily with the symptoms. Oftentimes addicts just need someone to talk to, but it must be someone they trust and who can help them work through the issues they’re dealing with. Some of the underlying issues which holistic addiction treatment typically targets include anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, mental health problems and anxiety.

If you are going through any of these issues, all of the rehab in the world will be completely ineffective unless the issues are addressed.  Once you undergo holistic drug treatment, you will confront these problems head on. Equally important, you will learn how to cope with them in a manner that does not involve the use of controlled substances. Once you leave rehab and go back to your normal life you will be better equipped to remain addiction free.

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