Understanding Addiction During The College Years

Understanding Addiction During The College Years

Research indicates that a growing number of students are becoming addicted to both drugs and alcohol while attending colleges and universities. Binge drinking in particular is a serious problem, and many students drink for the sole purpose of becoming drunk. This binge drinking in turn has led to a number of problems, including fighting, car accidents and date rape. Both drugs and alcohol routinely appear in sororities, dorms, and sporting events. Read on to find out more on the importance of understanding addiction during the college years.

Prescription Drugs have become popular Among College Students

In addition to street drugs and alcohol, a growing number of college students are also using prescription drugs. In some cases prescription drugs are more popular than street drugs such as Ecstasy because they can be acquired legally. Ritalin in particular has become very popular among college students because they believe using it enhances their performance on tests. Other popular drugs include Adderall which is consumed when writing papers or taking important exams.

Although prescription drugs are legal their abuse can lead to a number of serious side effects, including hallucinations and seizures. Many students are under the misconception that they can use these drugs only for a short period of time to enhance their performance, but in many cases they will become addicted to them.

Preventing Substance Abuse in Colleges and Universities

Addiction during the college years is a very dangerous situation. The students who are attending these institutions will be the leaders, doctors, lawyers, scientists and business people of tomorrow. What does a society look like when it’s best and brightest come under the influence of controlled substances? Institutions of higher learning cannot continue to sit by and let this substance abuse continue, because it will affect the lives of both the students and ultimately the communities in which they live.

A growing number of people are recognizing the problem and are working to get drugs and alcohol off the college campuses of America. The first step in doing this successfully is to enact policies which prohibit the usage of controlled substances on university property, with severe consequences for students who violate them up to and including permanent termination from the institution. Additionally, students must be taught the dangers and using drugs and they must be shown that there is nothing “cool” or “trendy” about being high.

Finally, no college or university will succeed in this endeavor unless they take the time to work with the city officials to reduce the number and proximity of alcohol stores and bars near the college campus.Parents who fail to teach their children the dangers of using drugs or alcohol increase the likelihood that they will experiment with these substances when they’re older. Research indicates that a growing number of students are trying out drugs for the first time while they’re in college, and drug usage has become the leading cause of students dropping out. A concerted effort must be made by students, college officials and the local law enforcement to reduce the presence of drugs in the area as much as possible.