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“Kratom also demonstrated benefits in treating opioid withdrawal, a severe condition resulting from opioid dependence. Current medications for opioid withdrawal syndrome include methadone and buprenorphine, but these drugs have limitations and side effects.”

Kratom users have reported similar experiences for years, but the UF study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence is one of the first preclinical investigations to validate these claims.

“There have been a lot of anecdotal reports suggesting kratom has some pain-relieving properties and has helped transition users from prescription opioids to this product,” said Chris McCurdy, Ph.D., a professor of medicinal chemistry in the UF College of Pharmacy. “Scientifically, this becomes one of the most important kratom studies released showing support as a potential treatment option for opioid withdrawal syndrome or opioid use disorder.”

Morphine-dependent animals were given LKT in varying doses and their symptoms were measured. Even at a low dose, LKT significantly reduced withdrawal symptoms. LKT also did not show the side effects associated with the current medications.

Respiratory issues are another side effect common with opioid medications. As depressant drugs, they can slow a person’s breathing rate, even to the point of death. UF’s experiments showed LKT did not induce respiratory depression, which reduces the likelihood of an opioid-like overdose death.

“What we learned was that across a wide dosing range — all the way up to the average human equivalence dose that people use — kratom was very safe and did not affect respiration or coordination,” McCurdy said. “It looks to be a very safe and efficacious product in the model we used and in the more traditional-inspired form of medication that we used.”

“This will be one of the hardest things to do they but well worth it. Because of the Fed’s looking to jump on people who giving dosing info, I decided to send you a message instead of responding out in the open. Reports have shown Green maeng da kratom is the best for withdrawals along with a small amount of greens for a mood lift and an energy boost without side effects. Micro dosing may be the best way to start. Your friend needs to know how they decide to consume kratom. By capsules, powder or by making a liquid. I would have motion sickness pills, Gatorade, small snacks (pretzels/potatoe chips) for salty/sweet cravings. Loads to drink so no dehydration. I would start with also taking magnesium and potassium ( for RSL and these supplements are lost quickly in our bodies) My suggestion is too purchase a kilo split a few ways. RMD(red maeng da), too me, is the best. Try 3grams to start, if they need more then another gram. Dose every 2 hours. I think using reds too start is best. Green can be used in a day or so for energy but mix it with red. If your friend needs more that’s Ok, everyone is different. If you take too much you throw it up but can start again. Nibbling on crackers, any kind, will help. The biggest thing is body pain and throwing up. I wish your friend a smooth transition.” Garth F, Toledo OH

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