How To Truly Drink In Moderation

How To Truly Drink In Moderation

Alcohol is a complex substance, not so much in its chemical composition, but in the politics and economics that have surrounded it for the last century. On the one hand, when consumed in moderation alcohol is completely harmless and in some varieties (such as red wine) can actually be healthy. On the other hand, when abused alcohol can lead to the death of the user (by poisoning) or the deaths of those around him (such as when a drunk driver hits a pedestrian or another vehicle). The dichotomy of this substance has left some wandering how to drink in moderation.

What Does It Mean To Drink Moderately?

To drink moderately simply means that you should drink enough alcohol to feel good, but not so much that you become drunk. This is actually something that should be applied to every area of your life. Exercise, for instance, is good for you, but too much is bad. Not drinking enough water will lead to dehydration, but drinking too much water can also make you sick.

Many people are undisciplined when it comes to their drinking habits. They go into a bar or club, start drinking, and don’t stop until they’re passed out or can barely speak coherently.  This single factor has led to the deaths of untold numbers of people, and will continue to do so for the forseeable future. The inability to maintain discipline and keep instant gratification under control has been a source of misery for mankind.

To drink in moderation you must develop self-discipline. If you lack it then in all likelihood you will become an alcoholic. Some people are susceptible to alcohol addiction and as such shouldn’t touch the substance. A good rule of thumb to follow is that once you begin feeling the “buzz” this is when you should cease drinking. If your friends or the bartender offers your more, decline. It’s really that simple.

Know How Your Body Responds To Alcohol

One thing that makes alcohol such a fascinating substance is that it has different effects on different people. Generally, people under the influence of alcohol will behave the opposite of how they are when sober. For instance, someone with a type A personality will become mellow and relaxed while drinking, while someone with a type B personality may become more like a type A. People that are normally friendly and affable may become unfriendly and aggressive, while the opposite is true of people who are normally grumpy.

Some people should avoid drinking completely. Those who are undisciplined, who don’t know when to stop, who has a susceptibility to alcohol addiction, or, as the bartenders say, can’t handle their liquor, should stay away from it. Those that are already should seek therapy. Some people are prone to aggression and violence when drinking and this is a frequent source of the stabbings, shooting and violence that are all too common in bars and clubs. Know how your body responds to alcohol and if it doesn’t respond well don’t drink it, even in moderation.