Is It Time To Seek Counseling For Your Mental Health?

Is It Time To Seek Counseling For Your Mental Health

There are times when everyone feels down. However, frequent cycles of sadness or grief that don’t seem to have an obvious cause may be of concern. We all can benefit from therapy every now and then, but there are certain warning signs which could indicate a serious problem that may warrant mental health counseling. Studies show that although 1 in 5 Americans have various forms of mental illness, more than half don’t receive any kind of treatment.

You’ve Experienced Trauma That You Dwell On Constantly

The death of a friend or family member, or the loss of a well-paying job can create tremendous stress, grief and anxiety. This is a situation that may necessitate counseling, but many people are under the misconception that their bad feelings will resolve themselves with time. While this may certainly be the case for some people, for others things aren’t so simple. Sadness resulting from a traumatic experience can interfere with your ability to function daily and in extreme cases may cause a withdrawal from people you care about. If you find yourself constantly dwelling on a traumatic experience, this could be a sign you need help.

You Excessively Consume Substances In Order To Cope

Many individuals who have gone through a traumatic experience will resort to using various substances excessively. This could include cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, which will make the problem worse since this will lead to addiction. The individuals who abuse these substances often do so because it briefly takes their minds away from reality, and provides pleasurable sensations and feelings. Some people eat too much or too little, which leads to substantial weight gain or loss.

Your Performance At Work Or School Declines

People regularly have to take time off from work or school due to the death of a family member. However, this off time alone may not be sufficient for recovery, and if you’ve experienced something traumatic, it may begin to interfere with your performance. If you find your grades slipping, or your boss complaining about your work performance, this could be a sign that you should seek counseling.

You Experience Frequent Headaches With A Weakened Immune System

Being emotionally disturbed will not only affect your mind, but your body as well. A person who is under a tremendous amount of stress or grief may experience physical problems such as upset stomach, colds or headaches. Your immune system will become weakened which will make you susceptible to disease, and even your libido could decline precipitously.

You No Longer Engage In Activities That You Enjoy

Another sign that you should seek mental health counseling is when you no longer enjoy doing things that you enjoyed in the past. While everyone’s tastes may change from time to time and we are all subject to burn when doing any one activity too much, even those we enjoy, those that frequently find themselves uninterested in multiple activities that they once enjoyed simultaneously may have a problem. While it can be difficult or embarrassing to seek help, doing so may be your only solution.