Supporting A Loved One Through Long Term Drug Rehab Program

Supporting A Loved One Through Long Term Drug Rehab Program

Recovering drug addicts require more emotional and physical support to ensure they continue living a substance-free life. It is not just enough for an addict to go a through a rehab treatment but, they need continued support to ensure they don’t relapse. One of the ways to ensure your loved one has continual support is by enrolling them in a long term drug rehab program. This way they can have professional support to help them stay sober after their rehab treatment programs.

Research shows that recovering addicts, who get physical and emotional support from family and loved ones, recover faster than those without support. If you have a friend or a family member recovering from drug addiction, you can use the following suggestions to help support them on their road to recovery.


Drug addicts already suffer from a low self-esteem, and for this reason you need to show them that you accept them as they are. Most addicts refrain from socializing with family and friends for the fear of being rejected. Addicts who feel judged and rejected tend to get depressed which drives them deeper into drug and alcohol abuse. As a family member or friend, ensure that you show compassion and empathy and make them understand that you are willing to support them through their recovery process.

Create A Substance Free Environment

To ensure that recovering addicts don’t relapse, you need to ensure that they are not exposed to drugs and alcohol. Create an environment where drugs and alcohol are not around and if possible ensure that they cannot have access to substances that can trigger their drug abuse.

Active Listening

Before addicts can fully recover, they undergo different stages. Addicts need to feel that their opinions matter and for this reason, you need to be willing to offer a listening ear. Listen without judgment and offer your sympathies when it comes to their struggles. Commend them for every victorious moment they go through to encourage them.

Encourage Healthy Habits

You can set a good example as a guardian as to how important it is to maintain good nutrition and hygiene. Maintaining a good nutrition plays a huge role in addiction recovery and this is a key foundation to addiction treatment. To ensure that recovering addicts maintain a good nutrition, you can make sure that they eat a balanced diet and avoid foods which can cause an emotional imbalance.  You can also encourage exercising by including them in activities that will improve their physical health. Another way to ensure long term recovery is by enrolling recovering addicts into holistic drug rehab to help them recover their mind, body and spirit.

Suggest Joining A Support Group

It is one thing to offer emotional and physical support to a recovering addict, but it is another to really understand what they are going through. You can encourage a loved one going through a rehab program to a join support group. These support groups allow recovering addicts to freely express themselves and they freely open up about their stresses and struggles. In turn, through group sharing, they don’t feel alone and they are able to accept and make necessary changes needed.

Be Patient

People are different and they respond differently to addiction treatments. Some people take a short time to get back on track, while some take longer before they can change. As a friend or relative, you need to be patient throughout the process of recovery. Never show your impatience when you feel the process is taking too long since this can discourage the person.