How To Stop Using Cocaine

How To Stop Using Cocaine

The first step in quitting cocaine for good is desire. You have to truly to want it, because quitting will be anything but easy. Cocaine is a highly addictive substance, and few people who have used it extensively will be able to stop cold turkey. In all likelihood, you’ll need to seek professional help, but below are some steps that can get you started on the right path.

To Quit Cocaine You Must First Understand It

The high that a user receives from cocaine is short in duration, but incredibly intense. This characteristic makes it extremely alluring and tempts the user to come back for more, so that they can reach the same state of euphoria. However, the thing to understand about cocaine is this: after you use it for the first time your body will change and never again will you be able to achieve that initial, awe inspiring high. All subsequent highs after the first will pale in comparison, but many addicts try in vain to achieve it because the feeling is that incredible.

To understand why cocaine is so difficult to quit, it is first important to understand the science of how it affects your brain. Each human brain has what are called neurotransmitters. The most prominent of these are serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. These neurotransmitters are responsible for handling the brain’s pleasurable sensations. When cocaine is consumed it significantly elevates the pleasurable sensations within the mind, to the point where many people are almost instantly addicted.

How To Quit Cocaine The Right Way

Attempting to quit cocaine cold turkey is extremely dangerous because doing so can lead to withdrawal symptoms so severe that an addict will return to using cocaine with the same intensity that a starving man will gorge on a banquet of food put before him.

Typical withdrawal symptoms that are associated with trying to quit cocaine cold turkey include depression, hallucinations, delusions, lower appetite and paranoia. Just as a starving man would ravenously consume a bunch of food put before him, a cocaine addict that attempts to quit will also have similar cravings, and when presented with cocaine will gorge on it, which can result in a lethal overdose.

The best way to quit cocaine is to enter a quality rehab center. There you will be evaluated by experts and once the substance is removed from your system you can be put on the path towards a full recovery. However, it is a mistake to think that rehab alone is sufficient to quit this substance. Once you leave the facility and return to society, you will deal with daily stresses and anxieties that may tempt you to begin using again.

Specific events that may tempt you to start using cocaine after completing rehab are called triggers. These triggers are usually associated with people, places or things that tempt you to return to cocaine usage, which is also known as a relapse. Don’t attempt to quit cocaine on your own. Seek counseling, a support group and daily activities that will keep your mind focused so you can remain cocaine free for life.