How To Spot Bad Addiction Treatment Services and Avoid Them

How To Spot Bad Addiction Treatment Services And Avoid Them

Generally speaking, there are two types of rehab services; those that were established primarily to help recovering addicts, and those that were established primarily to make money off them. Obviously you want to avoid the second, and the best way to do so is learning to recognize the warning signs which indicate a rehab center is not what it’s cracked up to be.

Avoid Rehab Services That Don’t Offer Individual Therapy

While group sessions are a necessary and important component of quality rehab, individual recovering addicts face unique issues that require individual attention. Many low level rehab centers try to limit the number of individual sessions they have as these are more costly than group meetings. Individual counseling is costly for a reason; because it works. Additionally, there are personal, private issues that no recovering addict would or should want to reveal in front of a group, that are best only shared with a  single trusted person.

Be Wary of Rehab Services That Boast About Their Success Percentage

Be suspicious of any rehab service that claims to have a high success percentage, especially a rate which is higher than 80 percent. In reality, even the top rehab services will rarely, if ever, achieve these types of percentages, and anyone who claims they do is in all likelihood being deceptive.

Verify That the Rehab Center is Accredited

There is a tremendous amount of money to be made in the rehab business, and wherever there is money to be made, you can be sure there will be unscrupulous, dishonest, unsavory people that will be looking to take advantage of the unwary. With average rehab fees costing thousands of dollars per month, under no circumstances should you enter a facility that you’re unable to verify is certified or accredited. A facility which is licensed is held to a specific standard; services which are not licensed can do whatever they want. Remember, drug addiction is a life threatening condition, do you really want to run the risk of being treated by a charlatan?

Good Rehab Centers Offer Diverse Forms of Therapy

Watch out for rehab centers that offer a handful, or even a single type of therapy, such services are typically garbage. A truly good rehab center will provide patients with a comprehensive list of programs, using a variety of treatment methods which are unique and recommended by professionals. The reason diversity is so important in rehab therapy is because drug addiction is complex and no one therapy will be effective for all addicts.

Avoid Rehab Services That Don’t Offer Family Participation

Any rehab facility that is unwilling to involve the participation of your family should always be regarded with suspicion. Family support is an important part of the recovery process, and in fact, many addicts will work harder to get the most out of the treatment when their family members are supportive and present. Family participation should be prioritized by every rehab facility and group sessions should also be available which address issues within it.