Signs That Your Teenage Kid Needs Drug Rehab

Signs That Your Teenage Kid Needs Drug Rehab

Are you suspecting that your teenager may be doing drugs and that situations are getting out of hand? Kids from the age of 13 will start going through changes in life as they transform into young adults. These changes are normal with adolescents. However, there are more pronounced changes that as a parent you need to be keen about. It is unfortunate that as parents, we cannot control every decision and movement that our kids make when they reach the adolescent stage. We cannot control the kind of friends they have or the choices they make which leaves them exposed to negative influences. If you are suspecting that your child is deep in drug abuse, you need to enter them into a drug rehab program as soon as possible. Before jumping into conclusions, you can tell your teenage kid is doing drugs from the following signs:

Poor Judgment

If your kid has always maintained good or steady grades but they suddenly drop, you need to find out why this is happening. Find out why this is happening by talking to them first to find out what is affecting their grades. If they don’t have a valid reason, try to find out which group of friends they are hanging around and establish their behavior. Most teens get influenced from peer pressure. If they are hanging around the wrong group, find a way to disengage them from it.

Psychiatric Issues

If your teenage child has always been of sound mind but suddenly they start behaving in weird ways, you need to find out what triggers this behavior. Mental health decline does not just happen suddenly especially, if there is no family history that can explain the sudden change. You will tell that your child is abusing drugs if they behave awkwardly during certain moments. You can verify this by inspecting their rooms to check for any hidden drugs and alcohol. Your kid may not approve of your actions but you need to put your foot down in such situations and do what is necessary.


It is normal for teenage kids to be very irritable since they tend to feel no one can understand them. However, if you find that you are constantly fighting over small issues with your teenager, you need to find the root cause of this behavior. Psychologists encourage creating a friendly forum where you can freely discuss with your kid about what is going on in their lives, to allow them to freely express themselves. If you’ve been communicating freely with your child but all but all of a sudden they feel invaded, this may mean they have found other ways of relieving their stresses.

Low Self-esteem

People with a drug abuse problem often end up having a low esteem. This comes about since drugs affects their normal body chemical balance which lowers their general feel of well-being. If you notice that your child’s confidence has suddenly gone down and they have a loss of appetite, this can be a clear indication that all is not well.

If your child displays more than one of these symptoms, it means they may be abusing drugs. If you find out that your teenager is abusing drugs, you need to be supportive and encourage them to undergo a medical drug detox first before they can enter an addiction treatment rehab.