How To Separate Good and Bad Rehab Services

How To Separate Good and Bad Rehab Services

When it comes to rehab there are good services and there are bad. Private rehab is expensive, and given the fact that drug addiction is a life and death situation, anyone that intends to enter one of these programs should be absolutely sure that they’re getting their money’s worth. Below are some ways to separate the good programs from the bad.

Watch Out For Generic Websites

An advertisement or website which fails to identify what types of programs are available, which does not show photos of the facility and the staff, should be regarded with suspicion. A good rehab facility will have a professionally designed website which explains the program and treatment methods in detail, and will also provide bios and backgrounds on the founders and staff members.

Be Suspicious Of Facilities That Offer To Cover Travel Expenses

Any facility that offers to pay your travel costs should be regarded with suspicion. Contact the treatment center and your insurance provider to verify that the person making the offer is actually a member of the facility. In some states covering travel expenses is illegal as it is defined as an inducement. The same is true for any treatment center that claims they can pay for your deductibles and insurance coverage.

Avoid Facilities That Charge Thousands For Daily Lab Testing

Lab tests are a necessity for every rehab facility, but any treatment provider that requires you to perform tests on an almost daily basis, and charges huge sums for them, should be considered a scam and avoided at all costs.

Watch Out For Rehab Brokers

A rehab broker is an individual that gets referral fees each time they refer someone to a treatment facility. While these individuals may appear harmless to some, the problem with running a business this way is that patients may find themselves receiving treatment that is not the best option. Few Rehab brokers will seek to gather specific info on potential patients to determine whether or not they are good candidates for the programs they represent; their primary task is to make money from referrals.

Be Suspicious Of Unsolicited Rehab Mail From Marketers

Those seeking rehab may find themselves receiving unsolicited mail, which should be regarded with suspicion, particularly if it’s from out of state. Established, high quality rehab facilities do very little direct advertisement and receive most of their clients through word of mouth. Even if the solicitation you receive is legitimate, if the facility is located in another state your insurance company will likely refuse to cover it as such facilities tend to charge insurance carriers more.

Good rehab facilities will have a low ratio of staff to patients, and will always have a licensed medical doctor onsite. They will be certified and capable of handling various mental health issues. Most important, staff members are will be available to assist patients 24 hours each day. The rehab facility should also be within the network of your insurance company, and if not, you should know up front what out of pockets costs you’ll have to cover.