Does Rehab Really Work For Drug Addicts?

Does Rehab Really Work For Drug Addicts

Many people have questioned the effectiveness of rehab for drug addicts, with some even concluding that such treatments are completely ineffective. They point to the failure of the War on Drugs as well as the statistics which show increasing drug usage in many urban areas. However, there are many factors involved in the ability of an addict to recover, and rehab is only one approach that should be used to tackle a very complex problem.

Rehab Should Never be seen as the Sole Solution

One of the reasons many addicts are disappointed with the results of rehab treatment is because of the way in which they view it. Unfortunately we live in a society where people want quick solutions to every problem. They don’t realize that complex problems often require multi-faceted solutions, and that these solutions require time, effort, and patience. Ironically, it is this attitude that often leads to drug addiction in the first place.

Rather than facing life’s problems and challenges head on, many people choose instead to escape through the consumption of drugs which can take them away from reality for a short time. However, when they become sober or come down from their high, users will find that their problems are still there along with the additional problem of addiction.Rehab is effective only when it is seen as one of multiple weapons that an addict will use to recover and stay clean for good. Rehab must never be seen as being “the solution,” but should instead be viewed as “a solution.”

Recovering Addicts must combine Rehab with Radical Lifestyle Changes

We regularly hear about celebrities in the news who are in and out of rehab. These people have millions of dollars at their disposal and yet some of them are unable to recover, eventually dying as a result of overdose. The reason these people fail is because they think rehab alone is enough. It isn’t. Drug addiction is one of the most powerful psychological phenomenons known to man. Unless rehab is combined with radical changes to one’s lifestyle it won’t be enough for an addict to break their habit for good.

The Goal of Rehab Services

Drug users who genuinely desire to quit must be willing to remove anything and anyone from their life that tempts them to use drugs in any way. This includes friends, family members, co-workers and acquaintances. If a recovering addict works in an environment where drug usage is common they must be willing to remove themselves from it, even if this means going without a job. Many addicts frequently blame rehab for their inability to quit using drugs when in reality they continue to associate with people and things that tempt them to continue using, or they remain in environments where the temptation to use drugs is always there.

The purpose of rehab is to assist addicts in becoming clean and temporarily place them in an environment where they can learn to function without the drug. Rehab centers guide patients on nutrition, physical fitness and other lifestyle changes that can help them avoid drugs. However, once the recovering addict leaves, it is up to them to continue following the lessons they learned to avoid relapse.