Recovering Meth Addicts: What To Eat (And What Not To Eat)

Recovering Meth Addicts What To Eat And What Not To Eat

Abusing any type of drug will harm the body, but methamphetamine in particular, can cause significant damage. It is for this reason that recovering meth addicts must carefully monitor their diet during addiction recovery. A failure to do so can make the problem worse, and in extreme cases, fatal.

The biggest danger that recovering meth addicts face is dehydration; this is due to the damage their liver sustains from extensive meth abuse. They will also have problems with electrolyte balance, malnutrition and nutrient deficiency. As a consequence many long term meth abusers will appear gaunt or even emaciated. A change in diet for this group is a necessity if they are to become healthy and permanently overcome their addiction.

Consume Foods Rich In Fiber

Fiber plays an important role in the diet because it promotes weight increase while reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues. Many drug users report being constipated; fiber eliminates this by making stools easier to pass during bowel movements. Plus, fiber is responsible for strengthening both the heart and brain, which is essential in helping a recovering addict remain meth free. The level of blood sugar within the body will also be stabilized by fiber while cholesterol is reduced. Foods which contain the best fibers are fruits, oats and green vegetables which are leafy.

Eat Foods Rich In Vitamins And Healthy Fats

Some of the most important vitamins for recovering meth addicts include B5, C and B12. Foods which contain these vitamins will repair tissues which have become damaged while helping the nervous perform at a higher level. Vitamin C in particular will make the immune system stronger while the B vitamins will strengthen the function of the nerves while reducing the stress that will result from withdrawal.

Healthy fats are also a necessity for meth addicts. Specific examples of such fats include omega-3 and monounsaturated fats, as they will assist in the detoxification of the liver while enhancing the function of the brain. Great examples of foods which provide beneficial fats include oily fish, nuts, dairy products which are fat free and grains.

Foods That Recovering Meth Addicts Should Avoid

In general, recovering meth addicts should stay away from fast food, fried food, soda and anything which has lots of saturated fats. Most dairy products and even eggs should be avoided, as they increase the cholesterol level within the body. Sugary foods should be significantly reduced as they can increase the chance of relapse. Junk food tends to be full of saturated fat, simple carbohydrates and empty calories. The problem with eating these foods is that they may result in binge eating.

Saturated fats have been linked to a number of health problems, such as cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease. It does a recovering meth addict no good to overcome their addiction only to become addicted to bad food. While in rehab, diet won’t be much of an issue since the addict will be in a controlled environment where the food they eat is regulated. But upon their release, it is essential for them to make better choices in what they eat.