Recovering from Ketamine addiction

ketamine Addiction

Popularly known as K, K2, Blind Squid or Special K, Ketamine is a legally controlled drug that is popularly abused in club scenes. This might even go further than just a straight ketamine mix, to a ketamine cocaine mix, commonly known as Calvin Klein. This is not good news to us parents as well as concerned loved ones. Ketamine is a dissociative anaesthetic, similar to PCP in effects and ultimately invented in the year 1963 to replace PCP. It has hallucination effects. Since it is legally controlled, the abuse of ketamine comes about when it is stolen from the right sources such as hospitals or dug manufacturing plants and trafficked to the streets or the clubs. It is colourless, odourless and tasteless, which makes it dangerously easy to conceal in drinks. It causes hallucination effects as well as out of the body experiences such as euphoria, numbness, and depressions.

Ketamine addiction signs and symptoms

Common signs displayed by ketamine addicts include anxiety, feeling invulnerable, depression, erythema, rapid eye movement and difficulty in speech. Ketamine has not been observed to cause serious physical dependence; rather it causes psychological dependence due to its ability to induce trips into people. Another feature of ketamine that gives it an edge in creating mental dependence is its ability to be taken up by the body quickly when methods such as injecting it into the bloodstream are used. However, the effects of ketamine trips are made to last longer when they are taken in liquid form or tablet form.

The trip is quite short as compared to other hallucinogens such as LSDs, lasting about an hour. However, recovery from the drug, which the body develops tolerance to quite quickly, is difficult. This is because users experience withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, laboured breathing, and eating disorders. The longevity of the trip, being relatively short, does not mean that it cannot result into a nerve wrecking experience. The intensity of the ketamine trip largely depends on the amount of dosage consumed. Some of these trips might be so terrifying that they are termed as near death experiences.

Since the effect of the drug is largely psychological, there is a tendency of ignoring the physical signs useful in the determination of ketamine presence or abuse in a person’s body.  Speech impairment, Urinary tract infections, Bladder problems and Immobilization, among others are the observed characteristics. High blood pressure is also exhibited. While the government works hard to keep the drugs out of the streets, we would like to offer you our help, which we are confidently and openly aware, that it can transform almost lost careers and lives to their best states.

It’s Never Too Late

While it is difficult to abandon the use of any drug, and ketamine is not an exception, it is always possible to seek help from the right areas such as ketamine treatment centres, where your loved one will be professionally and personally cared for. Admission is the very first step in combating the problem and this is where you ought to start.