Recovering from Club Drugs Addiction

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Recovering from Club Drugs Addiction

Club drugs refer to several types of drug commonly abused by teenagers and young adults. These over-the-counter drug are common at ‘raves’ or parties and people abuse them while on their way to nights out with friends. They are some of the most addictive drug substances and many people realize that they are entirely hooked when it is too late. Drugs like ecstasy, GHB, Rohypnol and Ketamine are difficult to restrain from once you start their usage. That’s why it is important for individuals to go through recovery and rehabilitation before the manifestation of adverse effects. In New Jersey, there are several rehabilitation centers for club drugs. However, one needs to be wise in his choices to get reliable help.

Therapy Objectives

The main goal of club drugs addiction therapies is to help individuals abstain from substance, prevent relapse and to be able to lead a normal life again. To attain this, individuals go through rigorous procedures and therapy sessions that help them cope up with the condition.

At the initial stages, club drugs addicts go through a rigorous detoxification procedure commonly referred to as detox. The main aim of this therapy is to help individuals lessen the effects of withdrawal. Ideally, it prepares the individuals to cope up with the impending rigorous therapy sessions and the new life that lies ahead of them. Frequent medical monitoring is essential at this point. The affected individuals are taken through various medications that help them put up with the withdrawal effects. The choice of detoxification procedure depends on the affected person. What works for one person might not necessarily achieve desirable results in the other individual. Drugs like propranolol are used at this stage to minimize or lessen the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with club drugs.

Psychological Addictions

Cases of psychological club drug addiction require advanced treatments strategies and therapies. Severe psychological addiction requires inpatient rehabilitation facilities for faster recovery. The reason is simple. Such individuals require consistent support and need to be away from the environment that might trigger drug use. Additionally, they are in need of emotional support, which is easily attainable from the experts and fellow patients undergoing similar treatments. Most importantly,  affected people will be away from those people who encourage and support their drug usage behaviors.

Addiction Therapy Combinations

Depending on the abused club drugs, the medical experts will recommend the most suitable rehabilitation program and therapy. For ketamine and GHB, the 12-step program has always worked. Group therapy is also essential in helping affected individuals cope up with the recovery processes. Groups help individuals to learn more about the drug. Education is another important part of club drugs rehabilitation programs. For one, it creates awareness of the need for various therapies. Also, affected persons will understand why they need to go through certain recovery sessions. The sessions are interactive to give the patients a unique platform for airing their concerns and asking important questions. At the end of the therapy, former addicts will be able to lead a normal life and resume their occupational and social obligations.