Quick Do’s And Don’ts To Help You Stay Sober After Completing Rehab

Quick Dos And Donts To Help You Stay Sober After Completing Rehab

A common problem seen among addicts that have successfully completed rehab is a relapse in using drugs or alcohol. A relapse is devastating because it undoes all the hard work and expense that was put into your rehabilitation program. Unfortunately, many addicts feel that once their formal rehabilitation is completed, there is little need to do more, but it is this type of attitude that can result in a recovering addict resuming the use of drugs.

Things You Must Do After Rehab

The completion of rehab should be considered the first step towards an ongoing process where you constantly seek to better your life. While you may emerge from rehab a new man or woman, the outside world won’t change. You will be exposed to the same stresses and triggers which can tempt you to resume using drugs, and you must always be on guard.

To achieve this, consider developing new hobbies, eating a healthier diet and becoming physically fit. Most importantly, get out of toxic relationships. This will arguably be the hardest task for most recovering addicts. Friends, family members or co-workers that tempt you to use drugs in anyway are a grave danger to you and you must seek to avoid any contact with them. Ending a relationship with someone is never pleasant, but it will often be necessary for those that want to truly stay clean.

Things You Must Not Do After Rehab

Most rehab treatment centers will offer aftercare sessions for patients who have completed the program. While you don’t have to attend these sessions, it is a good idea to do so. This allows the facility to monitor your progress and ensure you’re not putting yourself into any situations which may trigger a relapse into drug use. Many former addicts also expect things to get easier after they leave rehab, but the opposite case is true.

Things will become harder, because you will return to an environment which is indifferent to whether you quit using drugs or not, unlike rehab where the environment is geared towards helping you quit for good. Under no circumstances should you “use drugs one final” time after completing rehab. Doing this will increase the changes of you having a relapse and you may possibly overdose.

Create a Plan to Avoid Relapse

Relapse is the most dangerous threat that a recovering addict will face. Having a plan in place that can help you avoid this is critically important, as it will focus on the triggers that can tempt you to resume drug usage as well as ways to shut them down. You must develop tactics which will allow you to turn down any offers which are made to get high or drink. By developing and practicing these tactics regularly, you will put yourself in a strong position to stay drug free. There is no question of whether or not you will be offered drugs or alcohol after you have completed rehab; the question is how you will respond.