Public vs. Private Rehab

Public vs. Private Rehab

Rehab comes in two primary forms: public and private. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but studies show that those who chose to receive treatment for at least 90 days at either had a much lower chance of relapse when compared to those who remained in rehab for less than 90 days. Below are the primary differences between the two types of rehabilitation.

Public Rehab

Public rehab is funded primarily by the government. It is available either at a very low cost or in some cases is free of charge. As a consequence there is very high demand for the service, which means patients must wait to be treated, sometimes for long periods of time. The problem with this is that those who are addicted to drugs have a very small time in which they can get help. The longer a patient has to wait, the greater the likelihood they will give up and continue using drugs.

Furthermore, when compared to private rehab public rehab is limited in the level and quality of treatment that is provided. Those who do manage to get through the long waiting period required to receive it will be presented with generic solutions which may not cater to their specific needs and circumstances. Those who use public rehab can forget about the amenities and recreational activities which are commonly available at private institutions.

Private Rehab

Private rehab is an institution which is privately funded. They are almost always for profit and as such they will charge varying prices for their services. Since they are not state funded they tend to provide much greater flexibility in their programs and will provide a superior experience overall. The long wait times that are common with public rehab are not an issue with private institutions because after paying the patients will immediately be processed into the facility.

Those who enter private rehab can expect to receive better meals, individual treatment and counseling. They will also be provided access to a wide range of activities which can range from yoga to equestrian therapy, meditation, art and music. This is a level of treatment that few government run programs will offer to patients. Many people suspect that private rehab has a better success rate than their public counterpart, but each facility defines success in a different way. Ultimately, it is up to the patient to remain clean irrespective of which form of rehab they receive. A patient who receives the best private care in the world will still relapse if they don’t practice what they’re taught.

Which Rehab Option Is Best?

If you have the money, private rehab is hands down superior to public rehab. The problem however is that many drug addicts don’t have the money needed to pay these services. Drug abuse is expensive and anyone under its influence is very unlikely to display excellent money management skills or a high credit score. A number of rehab facilities do offer payment programs and there are ways for anyone who is determined to raise the funds.