Protecting Your Sobriety When Socializing


Maintaining your sobriety doesn’t mean you have to give up socializing. It just means you have to be careful who you associate with and where you hang out. One of the hardest things for former addicts is remaining sober in situations where virtually no one around them is. Here are some tips for staying sober while maintaining an active social life.

Leave The Event Early

The longer an event goes on, particularly a festival or party, the more inebriated people tend to get. One way of avoiding temptation to drink is recognizing this fact and making your exit early, before people begin drinking more and tempting you to do the same.

Learn How To Say “No”

It is inevitable that someone will offer you a drink at both formal and informal events, and your ability to say no is crucial. This is easier said than done for some, as peer pressure is a reality. It can also difficult when the drink is being offered by an attractive member of the opposite sex. Either be honest or let them know up front that you do not drink, and you don’t have to go into details why that is the case.

Bring A Sober Buddy To The Event

When it comes to maintaining sobriety there is strength in numbers. Bringing along one or more persons to a party who are also sober and in recovery can provide the support you need. An even better option is to have them host the event. Friends around you whom are in the same situation as you can make it easier to resist temptation and put up a barrier which prevents you from slipping into relapse.

Only Drink Non-Alcoholic Beverages

If you plan on attending a party or festival, find out in advance if non-alcoholic beverages will be served if possible. If not, you should probably consider not attending. It is no fun standing around other people who are drinking without being able to drink something. There are a lot of great tasting beverages which are non-alcoholic and having one in your hands during a party will make you more comfortable and relaxed.

Stay Away From Those That Don’t Respect Your Sobriety

Aside from yourself, one of the greatest adversaries you’ll face when recovering from alcoholism is people that tempt you to drink even when they know you’ve had problems in the past and are in recovery. These people clearly do not care about your well-being and should be removed from your life as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter if they are friends, family or co-workers. Alcoholism is a devastating and potentially fatal condition and anyone that pressures you to drink alcohol is no friend of yours and in fact should be considered an enemy.

Staying sober becomes a lot easier when you associate with people and places that reinforce it. Things will be tough when your first leave rehab, but with enough practice, you will find resisting the urge to drink to be almost effortless.