Adderall is a drug which is comprised of both dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. These ingredients are responsible for stimulating the central nervous system through brain chemicals and the nerves which influence impulse control or hyperactivity. Adderall is used to treat conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as narcolepsy. It is a powerful substance which should only be used by those who it has been prescribed to.

Adderall Addiction

Adderall has a number of properties which make it habit forming. This means that users can easily develop an addiction to it. An addiction to Adderall is dangerous because making even a single mistake in dosage when taking it can lead to either death or serious problems with the heart. Some patients become addicted to this drug because they fail to follow or read the instructions which are given to them by their doctor. Adderall should never be taken in dosages which are higher than recommended, nor should it be used longer than prescribed. Giving or selling this drug to anyone who hasn’t been prescribed it is illegal.

Warning Signs of Adderall Addiction

Those that choose to misuse this drug will have a number of health issues. Some common warning signs to watch for with this drug include pain in the chest, difficulty breathing or fainting. Addicts may display a number of behavioral problems, including hostility and paranoia. Those that abuse Adderall may also experience hallucinations. Other signs that someone may be addicted to this drug are:

  • Changes in skin color
  • Numbness or convulsions
  • Vision problems
  • Muscle twitching or pain
  • Dark colored urine
  • Lack of energy

Side Effects of Adderall Abuse

There are many side effects which are associated with Adderall, some of which are severe. Addicts will frequently lose their appetite, which will in turn lead to them losing weight. They may also display frequent mood swings, and may appear unusually nervous. Adderall accelerates the heart rate, and may cause headaches or a dry mouth. Heavy users of Adderall often report insomnia, or an inability to sleep. All of these side effects will wreak havoc on the human body, reducing its ability to function. Other side effects consist of:

  • Flu like symptoms
  • Pain in the bladder
  • Blood in urine
  • A pulse which is irregular
  • Pain in the lower back or side

Adderall Rehab

The people most susceptible to Adderall addiction are those that are being treated for ADHD, as well as narcolepsy. The reason for this is because Adderall is one of the drugs primarily used to treat these conditions. Therefore, those that are taking this medication for these conditions should be evaluated carefully. If there are warning signs which indicate they are developing an addiction, Adderall use should be discontinued, and the patient may need to be placed into a rehab facility.

In South Florida, there are many quality rehab services available. The one that is chosen should be based on a patient’s needs as well as their budget. Rehab services can be costly to pay for out of pocket, but private insurance, credit card payment plans and federal healthcare benefits are available as payment options.

NeuroPsychiatric Addiction Clinic offers quality services designed to assist addicts in breaking free from their addiction. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Does Your Insurance Cover Adderall Rehab in Florida?