Powerful New Street Drug Called The Grey Death Has Authorities Worried

Grey Death

A new drug has appeared on the scene in the Southern U.S. that is absolutely terrifying, and authorities fear that its usage will soon spread to other parts of the country. Dubbed the “Grey Death,” one thing that is particularly concerning about this substance is that no one is yet sure exactly where it comes from, or what it even consists of.

What Type of Drug Is It?

The Grey Death is a combination of opioids, which can be lethal in even tiny dosages. Visually, it resembles the grey powder that is used in concrete mixtures. When news of the drug initially broke, some experts thought that a brand new compound had been discovered. Police have successfully captured fifty batches of it so far, with the most being discovered in Atlanta. The drug has also appeared in other southern states such as Alabama and as far north as Pennsylvania.

One thing which makes this drug unique is that the ingredients can change from one batch to another. Even the signature color, grey, may not always be present, and experts so far have no idea what ingredient is even responsible for the giving the substance its color. The samples that have been reviewed so far have been found to have varying amounts of heroin and fentanyl, but due to the fact that the ingredients are present in very small concentrations, some may not even be revealed on tests.

The ingredients which have been identified are highly potent, and are lethal when isolated. This is why there have been multiple overdoses among those that have been foolish enough to use it. The drug is administered primarily be snorting or injecting, and either method can lead to death.

How The Authorities Are Handling The Situation

The DEA has designated this drug a Schedule 1 substance which means it has a high likelihood of abuse and overdose. It is also referred to as U-47700 and it is believed to be produced primarily in overseas labs. This means that determining the identity, quantity and purity can be difficult. Anyone who uses it is literally playing “Russian Roulette,” and if they lose, they die.

The DEA believes that foreign chemists are slightly altering fentanyl molecules, in order to get around American law and export the drugs into the U.S. at a faster rate than the government is able to regulate them. It must also be emphasized that these drugs are much more powerful than the standard fentanyl most doctors are familiar with. For instance, one flake of Carfentanil is capable of tranquilizing an elephant that weights a couple of thousand pounds. Therefore, the drug is estimated to be one hundred times stronger than fentanyl. Experts’ state that it can float in air is absorbed by the skin merely by touching it, and that a fatal dose cannot be seen by the naked eye.