Why Opt for Drug Detox Programs

Why Substance Abuse Treatment is More Effective Than The War on Drugs

Why choose drug detox programs is based on many things. Drugs and alcohol hinder brain chemistry, changing both physical and emotional attributes. Frequent use of mind-altering substances changes the chemical structure of the brain and the central nervous system. A shortcut in the neural pathways develops that results in most people having difficulty feeling pleasure without the presence of the substance.

Withdrawal symptoms can occur in-between use or when the substance processes out of the body. Cravings can be severe. With brain chemistry altered and when withdrawal symptoms begin, there is a higher chance of drug dependency. A person may no longer feel “balanced” without the substance, and obsessive and involuntary drug use may occur.

Drug reliance and withdrawal signs are constituents of addiction. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) over 20 million adults in the United States are struggling with drug addiction as of 2014. When drug addiction is present, drug detox programs can prove to be an effective method for getting the substances out of the body safely.

When are Drug Detox Programs an Ideal Choice?

Not everyone who fights drug dependency will need a drug detox program. In general, the more severe a person’s dependence is, the more likely it is that detox program will be the ideal option. A number of factors can affect the severity of drug reliance.

Quantity and period of drug usage: Higher frequency and dosage will result in similar dependency levels.
The way of abuse: Injecting, smoking, or snorting leads to higher dependency. In comparison to ingesting or swallowing.
Age at first use: Using drugs before the brain is fully developed increases chances for future problematic drug use, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).
Biological factors: Gender, metabolism, mental disorder, and even race can have a significant impact on dependency.
Family history: According to the Psychiatric Times, addiction is considered to be inherited about half of the time.
Other factors: Levels of stress, prior exposure to trauma, lack of support, and abuse of multiple substances can also have a significant impact on drug dependence.

Drug detox programs prove to be lifesaving and recommended for dealing with the more intense withdrawal symptoms, especially for those with high dependency.

How Long Do Drug Detox Programs Take

Drug detox programs can last from a few days to a few weeks or sometimes even months, solely depending on the individual circumstances. A week-long detox program is widely popular among individuals that fall somewhere between mild to severe addiction.

Need for Counseling

Long-term recovery requires treatment of mental, behavioral, and physical dependency factors. In most cases, therapy and counseling services are an integral part of drug detox programs.

Approaches and methods used during detox programs vary and depend partly on how much an individual can cope. Psychological evaluations are necessary to guarantee that the patient gets exactly what they need. If you have any questions about the process, you should speak to a professional to understand what your options are. It is essential to understand that help and support are there and there is nothing shameful in looking for help.