Nutrition Tips To Boost Your Addiction Rehab Chances

nutrition tips

Nutrition plays an important role in addiction recovery. Drug usage will sap the body of essential nutrients, giving abusers a gaunt appearance. It also causes dental problems and a myriad of other health issues. Below are some nutrition tips that will help your body rebuild itself while making addiction recovery easier.

Stay Away From Coffee And Caffeine

Those recovering from addiction should seek to avoid both coffee and caffeine. The reason for this is because it will cause your blood sugar levels to increase, which will be followed by a crash. The crash will have an adverse effect on the addiction centers of the brain, and will begin making you crave the drug you’re seeking to avoid. If you do decide to drink caffeine regardless, be sure to eat some food first because once your belly is full the caffeine jolt won’t be as intense, and its release into the blood stream will be slower and the body will have greater balance.

Make Sure Your Breakfast Is Balanced

The breakfast you consume each morning should balance your blood sugar levels. This means it should be rich in complex carbs, proteins and good fats. An example of this would be something like avocado and eggs, or nuts and oatmeal. If you’re not a breakfast person you should always go for a beverage instead, such as vegetable juice. Your goal is to begin the day with a balanced meal that will provide the brain with a glucose source for the rest of the day, which will keep both your energy level and mood high.

Consume High Quality Snacks

It is important for those in recovery to eat snacks, but this does not include junk food. You will want to eat snacks that are rich in protein in between your larger meals. During their waking hours recovering addicts should not go more than three hours without having a meal of some kind. The best options for snacks include fruit, trail mix or eggs which are hard boiled. One way to remind yourself of when to eat is by adding an alarm to your smartphone that will remind you when it’s time to get some food. Once you feel the phone vibrating, you will know to grab a snack.

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal For Recovering Addicts

Between breakfast, lunch and dinner, breakfast is the most important daily meal for recovering addicts. The reason for this is because when an individual wakes up in the morning; they would not have eaten for at least 7 to 8 hours (if you get a recommended night’s sleep, which is also important for those in recovery). So in a sense you’re coming off a fast, and to maintain your sobriety replenishing the body with nutrients when waking up is critically important. The longer you go without food, the lower the blood sugar levels will become which increases the chance you will develop cravings and neuroglycopenia.  Recovering addicts should always eat breakfast within 60 minutes of waking up.