Why You Need Medical Drug Detox In South Florida

Why You Need Medical Drug Detox In South Florida

Those who abuse drugs and alcohol extensively can cause major damage to their bodies. The best way to cease this terrible habit is by getting professional help. Aside from the fact that drugs are highly addictive and attempting to quit can lead to relapse and overdose, the drug must also be cleared from your system using a medical drug detox. South Florida is one of the best places to have this procedure performed.

South Florida’s Advantages For Drug Detox

South Florida is an important destination for a number of reasons. First, it is the only region in the United States with a tropical climate all year round. This makes it very attractive to people looking for beaches, partying and sunshine. Unfortunately, many of those who visit South Florida and even residents get carried away, indulging in too much hard partying with all the drugs and alcohol that comes with it.

Second, because of its location, South Florida has always served as a very important destination for narcotics traffickers, particularly those from South America. Drug Cartels figured out a long time ago that South Florida’s close proximity to the Caribbean allowed it to be the perfect corridor for anyone looking to ship large amounts of drugs into the United States. This means that there has always been a considerable presence of drugs in the Floridian peninsula, much more so than in other more remote regions of the country.

As a consequence, the rehab centers in this area have far more practical, hands on experience than you’ll find with other facilities throughout the country. They handle a large number of cases involving a variety of different drugs, and their experience combined with the warm, relaxing tropical environment make South Florida arguably one of the top spots for detoxification in the country.

How Detoxification Works

The goal of detox is to completely remove the drug from the patient’s system. This is essential as it helps them physically withdraw from the substance. Once the drug has been eliminated from the patient’s body, it lays the groundwork for psychological withdrawal, which gives the patient the skills and ability to remain drug free after they complete their rehabilitation.

Every patient must be evaluated before detox begins. This is done to find out if they have allergies, how long they’ve been using the drug in question, and how often. Once this information is determined, the patient will next be stabilized, which is when they enter withdrawal. Patients may experience memory loss or a variety of other issues during this time, and the stabilization phase can last for a month or so. The third phase is transferal into rehab. During this phase the rehab staff will focus on the spiritual and psychological aspect of the addiction, discovering the underlying factors that led to it and how the patient can overcome it to remain drug free for life.