What You Need To Know About Rehab For Single Parents

What You Need To Know About Rehab For Single Parents

Being a single parent can be tough, but being addicted to drugs or alcohol will make things even harder. The decision of a single parent to enter rehab is difficult for both them and their children, but may be necessary in order for them to get the help and care they need. Quality rehab for single parents can be costly, and the parent must decide who will be responsible for their children during their stay in the treatment facility.

Features: Rehab For Single Parents

Most of the rehab centers that work well for single parents provide dual diagnosis treatment. This can be an excellent alternative to traditional 12 step programs. Because of the anxiety and stress that is involved with single parenting, substance abuse often begins as a mental health problem, which typically appears in the form of depression.

One reason why many single parents are reluctant to enter rehab is because they are unable to find a family member or friend that can look after their children during their stay. Entering rehab without taking the time to find a caretaker for the child could lead to them being placed in foster care. The good news is that there are some rehab centers which allow single parents to enter with up to two of their children.

Some rehab facilities also offer what are referred to as alternative therapies. Some of these include exercises such as meditation or yoga and they can be used to battle stress, cravings, and anything which can trigger a relapse. Quality rehab centers also offer parental coaching, which helps single parents to repair the emotional strain that often exists between them and their children. These lifelong skills will allow parents to communicate with their children in a manner that is productive.

Outpatient Treatment And Aftercare

Outpatient treatment can be the perfect option for single parents, because it allows them to enter rehabilitation at the facility while being able to live at home. This means they have more time to spend with their children and don’t have to rely so much on friends or family members to look after them. A patient that enters outpatient care will have to check in with a specialist each day for counseling and medication. The treatment therapy for inpatient and outpatient care is virtually identical.

Another benefit of outpatient programs is that they typically cost less than inpatient treatment, which is excellent for single parents who often face financial challenges. There is no need to spend money on room and board and it is also easier to keep at job while going through this type of rehab. Aftercare involves the things a person does after they complete rehab. Aftercare is important as it reduces the chances of having a relapse.

A good rehab facility will provide a robust aftercare program that will assist you maintaining your sobriety for the rest of your life. Once rehab is completed you will be given access to support groups, counseling sessions and other important benefits.