What You Need To Know About Buprenorphine Rehab

What You Need To Know About Buprenorphine Rehab

Buprenorphine is a synthetic drug which is used to assist individuals who must undergo detox due to addiction to opiates. It is also known as Suboxone or Subutex, and is a painkiller which functions in the same manner as methadone. Although buprenorphine can alleviate withdrawal symptoms and make detoxifications more comfortable, some patients develop a dependency for it. When this occurs proper treatment is necessary.

Buprenorphine Withdrawal Effects

Patients that enter buprenorphine rehab will experience withdrawal. The symptoms associated with buprenorphine withdrawal include nausea, diarrhea, depression, cold sweats and vomiting, which is akin to other opiates. When detox is performed under professional care the discomfort resulting from withdrawal can be dramatically reduced. Supervision is critical because some patients who withdraw from buprenorphine may experience high blood pressure which reaches dangerous levels.

Services A Patient Will Receive While In Buprenorphine Rehab

Once detox has been completed a patient will receive a number of rehab services. Some of these include the management of mood disorders which will co-occur and cause addiction, assistance with personal challenges that play a role in addiction, counseling to learn how to break physical and mental dependence on the substance and group therapy. Patients will also be informed of the challenges that they can expect to face on their road to complete recovery once formal rehab has been completed.

Behavioral therapy plays a crucial role in buprenorphine rehab, and the reason for this is because it assists patients in identifying triggers which could cause a relapse. Recovering from addiction to buprenorphine requires continual commitment and dedication on the behalf of the patient.

Rehab Can Help You Defeat Buprenorphine Addiction

Some are reluctant to enter buprenorphine rehab for various reasons. Many addicts think that seeking help for an addiction is a sign that they are weak, but the truth is that addiction is a type of disease, and admitting when you need help is a sign of wisdom and strength, not weakness. The fact is that overcoming any drug addiction should be a team effort. There are too many variables involved for an addict to attempt to try to overcome the addiction themselves, and should they relapse, this increases the chances of overdose and death.

Another reason why many addicts are reluctant to enter rehab for buprenorphine addiction is because they question the effectiveness of the process. After all, buprenorphine is a drug used to assist those who are addicted to opiates, so if it helps them to break free of a drug such as heroin, only to become addicted to buprenorphine itself, what has been achieved? While this logic is certainly understandable, this only necessitates the importance of choosing the correct rehab facility. A professionally run rehab facility will help patients take safe dosages of medications that will help them to overcome their addictions while avoiding  becoming addicted to those very same medications. Not all rehab centers are equal in quality and those that choose a facility purely based on price may receive services which are ineffective at best.