How Mephedrone Affects The Body

How Mephedrone Affects The Body

Mephedrone is a stimulant drug which is synthetic in nature. It goes by names such as White Magic or Drone and is related to amphetamines. Physically it will appear in the form of a powder or tablets and it can be injected, swallowed or snorted. Its effects have been compared to cocaine, MDMA and amphetamines.

What Happens To Those That Take Mephedrone?

As with most other drugs, mephedrone is quite addictive. This is because it will produce pleasurable feelings, at least initially. It creates feelings of euphoria, along with heightened stimulation, a mood which is uplifted, while lowering aggression and boosting mental acuity. Users have also reported that they experienced a moderate sexual stimulation. Compared to drugs such as cocaine, mephedrone was found to have a high which was superior in quality and which lasted longer.

However, after consuming it users may also experience hallucinations, cravings for more, nausea, paranoia, mood changes, and agitation and skin rashes. Other less pleasant side effects include appetite loss, heavy perspiration, breathing problems, dilated pupils and lapses in memory. What makes it more hazardous than other drugs is the ease of which users can overdose. It is designed in such a way where once it is consumed for the first time, it is difficult for users to stop.

The drug is actually quite old, having been synthesized for the first time before World War 2. However, most people weren’t aware of its existence until the early 2000s, when it was rediscovered. Initially its possession was legal in most countries, but after 2007, it begin appearing over the internet, and law enforcement took an interest in it a year later. Israel declared it illegal by 2008, with Sweden, the United States and most of the European Union following suit.

One factor that led to mephedrone being declared illegal, aside from its high potential for abuse and overdose, is the fact that it can lead to autoimmune vasculitis. This is a condition in which a person’s immune system will begin attacking itself. Symptoms which are associated with it include joint bruising or the appearance of a blue tinge, but this is only manifested in a small number of users and is believed to be genetically triggered. To those that do develop this condition, the symptoms will become dire.

Snorting Mephedrone Is The Most Dangerous Way To Take It

While most people consume mephedrone orally, some also try snorting it to achieve a more powerful high. This however is quite hazardous, as snorting produces stronger cravings than oral consumption and users can rapidly overdose. Those who OD on mephedrone will display a number of symptoms, many of which are similar to other controlled substances. These include limbs which become numb or bluish in color, increased anxiety, tinnitus, paranoia, pain in the chest, and palpitations of the heart. Teeth grinding has also been manifested by some.