What Makes Jewish Drug Rehab Unique?

What Makes Jewish Drug Rehab Unique

Jewish drug rehab has risen in prominence due to the problems with addiction that exist within the Jewish community. It was developed as a unique approach that adheres to the cultural characteristics and traditions which are specific to this group. Drug abuse is considered a taboo subject among many Jews and this makes the problem challenging to solve. However, many within the Jewish community report turning to drugs either as a consequence of extreme work environments or stress resulting from extremely high familial expectations.

Jewish Drug Rehab Characteristics

The key thing which makes this form of rehab distinct from standard rehab treatments is its adherence to Jewish culture and religion. Some versions ofJewish drug rehab even incorporate various aspects of Jewish thinking into the treatment procedures. For instance, these programs are structured in such a way where patients are allowed to celebrate Jewish holidays and events such as Shabbat.

Care providers who work with Jewish patients are often members of the Jewish community themselves, and therefore they understand the many aspects of Jewish culture and religion, which includes the many sects which comprise Judaism. Jews also follow strict diets and as such the standard meals that are served at most treatment centers may be prohibited. Rehab centers which are located in cities with large Jewish populations will often have a kosher menu which allows them to eat meals that are within Jewish guidelines.

How Jewish Rehab Utilizes The Tenets of Judaism

It should first be emphasized that not all Jewish rehab programs emphasize Judaism, but there are some programs that do. These programs will typically use Jewish religious teachings in order to guide patients on the road to recovery. For instance, some rehab centers offer Torah classes, while others encourage their patients to approach addiction recovery through the tenets of the Torah. Some Jewish rehab programs have a variation of the 12 steps which are seen through a Jewish perspective.

The Jewish Community’s Role in Rehab Treatment

The Jewish community has provided tremendous support for both rehab in general and many facilities in particular. This is important as the cultural identity among this group is very strong, and alters the manner in which people see both therapy and addiction. It should also be noted that the views on drugs and alcohol differ considerably within this group. While any type of drug abuse is prohibited among Jews, alcohol is often used for various celebrations within Kiddush tradition and even at more casual events.

As a consequence,alcohol addiction has become an issue among some Jews but due to cultural norms it can be a very challenging subject to tackle. However, leaders within the Jewish community are recognizing the need to make use of treatment programs that can help members of the community to overcome their addiction. At the same time, the standard secular treatment approaches which are used for the general population are not fully compatible with the unique needs of the Jewish community, which necessitated the need for a distinct treatment system.