Maintaining Good Nutrition Helps To Speed Up Drug Detoxification

Maintaining Good Nutrition Helps To Speed Up Drug Detoxification

Drug addiction comes with dire consequences which can take a toll on one’s life. Addiction can affect relationships and one’s overall health. Drugs generally contribute to physical damage of the body since addicts are not very keen in exercising good nutrition. Recovering addicts have to go through a drug detoxification process as one of the steps in a drug rehab treatment program.  If you are a fully recovered addict or have a few months into an addiction free life, you need to ensure that you work towards restoring your physical health. This lays a good foundation for a continued recovery.

How Addiction Affects Physical Health

Addicts especially alcoholics, don’t eat enough food since alcohol creates a feeling of fullness resulting from empty calories found in beer, wine and liquor. A long term abuse of alcohol often leads to malnourishment, since the body does not get enough nutrients. Drug abusers often think where their next fix will come from that they don’t have time to think of food. By the time drug addicts enter a drug rehab their overall health is usually very poor.

Drugs and alcohol abuse prevents the body from releasing natural feel-good chemicals which bring about the sense of well-being. Drugs and alcohol block the body from absorbing tryptophan which is essential in maintaining the body’s well-being.

As mentioned earlier, drug abuse causes malnutrition which in turn damages the body’s immune system. A low body immune system, increases the risk for developing illnesses and sickness such as cancer.

Heavy use of alcohol and drugs usually lowers the liver’s ability to get rid of toxins effectively. When the body cant filter toxins, the liver starts to swell which can lead to liver cancer.

Most drug addicts often suffer from a low self-esteem. Physical effects of addiction damage the overall look of a person robbing them of their confidence. You will notice that most addicts have scarred skin, rooting teeth and uneven complexion which lead to low self-esteem.

How Nutrition Helps To Ensure A Successful Recovery

Some drug rehabs make it mandatory to include nutritional counseling in their treatment program. This is usually included when one enters an inpatient treatment program. Good nutrition plays a huge role towards rebuilding the body. A nutritional counseling program includes working with dieticians and nutritionists who help a client to heal and recover their body. If you cannot access the services of a dietician or a nutritionist, there are several ways to help revitalize your brain chemistry, body and self-esteem with proper nutrition. These include:

  • Avoid using products with caffeine. Caffeine triggers mood fluctuations which can make it hard for a recovering addict to resist drugs or alcohol.
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugary foods. These foods can also cause mood fluctuations.
  • Eat lots of foods with antioxidants. Antioxidants help to boost the body’s immune system.
  • Eat a lot of easy to digest proteins like beans, fish and poultry. Protein is usually a key building block when it comes to recovering lost tissues in the body.
  • Eat as frequent as you can to help regulate your blood sugar. A stable blood sugar in the body system helps to keep moods stable.