Lessons I Learned While Addicted To Heroin

Lessons I Learned While Addicted to Heroin

There are many lessons I learned from my addiction to heroin. One of the most important is the way the addict views death. This is something that will be extremely difficult for normal people to understand, but I will try my best to convey it to you the best way I can. When you’re addicted to heroin you will pray for death to arrive, but you will still be in fear of it. No addict thinks the next fix will be their last, until it is. Many heroin addicts welcome death, as they see their lives as being largely meaningless. Here are some other things I learned.

When You’re Addicted to Heroin, There Are No Friends

Never make the mistake of thinking that you have friends while you’re on heroin. A true friend will encourage you to get clean, but if you refuse to like I did, they will leave you, as they should. At this point the only people who will remain in your life are fellow junkies and dealers who sell you the product. Fellow junkies will steal from you the first chance they get, and your only value to the dealer is the money you can provide them.

Don’t Stick The Needle Into The Same Vein Too Many Times

Amateur heroin users often make the mistake of using the same vein too many times. This is understandable as humans are creatures of habit. Unfortunately this can cause the vein to collapse, and while I’m no doctor, it is safe to assume that if your vein collapses you’re in a world of trouble.

Only Use Brand New Needles

Never take someone’s word that a needle is clean. Unless you’ve seen it in an unopened plastic package then it is safe to assume it isn’t. Heroin addicts that share needles are almost guaranteed to get Hepatitis C. The “smart” heroin addicts only use their own syringes.

Never Expect A Drug Dealer To Be Punctual

Now, given the spectacular profits which one can make selling heroin, you’d think drug dealers would be on time. Unfortunately they aren’t, and I think this is due to two reasons. First, drug dealers generally aren’t known for their caring customer service, which means it doesn’t matter to them how long you wait. Second, they know that you’re a junkie which means you’ll wait in the same spot for eternity until they arrive. In other words, when a dealer tells you’ll they’ll “meet you in an hour” that means five.

You Can Always Find Something To Sell

Unless you are rich you’ll eventually run out of cash when addicted to heroin. Then you have to get creative. There are no limits to the amount you can use daily, and once you’re out of cash you have to start selling other things you own. This can include furniture, electronics, jewelry, household appliances, your car, or merchandise you stole from someone else (heroin addicts often become thieves). If you’re an attractive woman there is always the option of selling your body, but of course women who become addicted to heroin won’t be attractive for long.

I am telling my story not because my heroin experience is something to flaunt but I hope to inspire others to make changes for their life because heroin can only wreck lives, despite what you believe in it. If you have a past experience with heroin addiction, do share your recovery journey with me.