How To Know If You Are Suffering From DXM Substance Abuse

How To Know If You Are Suffering From DXM Substance Abuse

DXM substance abuse has become a serious problem within the United States. Part of this is due to the fact that Dextromethorphan is an ingredient that is used in many cough medicines that are sold over the counter. The ingredient’s legal status combined with its low price tag means that with the exception of California it can be purchased anywhere by anyone, even adolescents. There is some indication that many states will change the status of this drug in the future. Let’s find out about the signs and symptoms of DXM substance abuse:

Teens Can Use The Internet To Learn How To Fabricate DXM

The first indication that your teen may be abusing DXM is through their internet usage patterns. A great deal of information has been published on the web teaching  people how to extract and split up the ingredients  which comprise the formulation, and this is just one more reason why parents should watch the internet usage of their teenagers. While the internet is a valuable source of information, it also contains knowledge which can be hazardous.

Signs of DXM Substance Abuse

An individual who is abusing dextromethorphan will display a number of signs. These signs are determined by how much has been consumed, as well as whether or not it has been taken in conjunction with other substances like alcohol. Those who have abused DXM describe four phases they pass through. During the initial phase they will become inebriated, akin to someone who is drunk. During the second phase their speech will become slurred and the user will experience hallucinations. Short term memory loss may also occur.

By the third phase the user’s consciousness will enter an altered state. Their vision and other senses can become completely impaired. During the final phase the user will report losing contact with their own body as all five senses are shut down. This final experience is similar to effects which result from ketamine abuse. Some of the physical symptoms that DXM abusers will display include nausea, dizziness, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, disorientation and upset stomach.

Additional Effects And Dosages

The standard dosage which is used when dextromethorphan is taken as directed is from ten to twenty-nine milligrams each 4 hours. By contrast, when DXM is abused it will be taken in amounts which range from two hundred and fifty to one thousand five hundred milligrams in a single dosage. However, the dangers of abusing this substance don’t end there.  Since DXM is a cough medicine ingredient it is often combined with many other substances such as guaifenesin and acetaminophen, which can contribute to damage of the liver, as well as coordination loss and even coma.

Parents should not sit around waiting for the government to pass laws banning DXM from cough medicine. Instead, they should take it upon themselves to become educated about this substance and others, and avoid purchasing any medications which have ingredients which can be abused, and if they do, these medications should be locked up and only given to their teens as needed.