What You Should Know About Psychedelic Mushrooms

What You Should Know About Psychedelic Mushrooms

Psychedelic mushrooms, which are also known by street names such as Caps, Shrooms or Silly Putty, are a type of hallucinogen that when consumed will alter one’s consciousness. Physically the greatest threat which comes from consumption of these mushrooms is their toxicity. Psychedelic mushrooms grow naturally in Mexico, the U.S., Great Britain and South America, and consist of an ingredient called psilocybin. When psilocybin enters the body it will create psilocin which is responsible for the hallucinations.

Effects of Psychedelic Mushrooms

Psychedelic mushrooms are usually dried prior to being eaten. Some users combine it with tea and then drink it. While some psychedelic mushrooms are grown naturally others are synthetic. Upon consuming the mushrooms, a person will enter a state in which their consciousness is altered, where they will experience hallucinations and other sound and visual effects which will last from five to twelve hours.

Unlike other drugs, psychedelic mushrooms do not cause the user to become physically addicted. At the same time, these mushrooms do cause tolerance, which means that users must take increasingly larger amounts in order to get the same high that they achieved when first starting out. The effects of psychedelic mushrooms have been likened to mescaline or LSD.

Many individuals who use psychedelic mushrooms defend the practice by pointing out that they cause no brain damage or physical addiction. Additionally, there are no withdrawal symptoms which are associated with their usage. However, researchers point out that while these mushrooms don’t cause a physical addiction, they can cause a psychological addiction which can be just as bad. Additionally, being under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms while working or driving can be just as disastrous as being drunk.

Symptoms and Dangers Of Using Psychedelic Mushrooms

One key danger of using these mushrooms is the source from which the mushrooms are acquired. There are many types of mushrooms in the wild, some of which are benign, others which are poisonous. Unless a user grows psychedelic mushrooms themselves, or can tell the difference between psychedelic and non-psychedelic mushrooms, they could inadvertently purchase mushrooms from an unscrupulous dealer which are at best useless and at worse poisoned.

Other undesirable symptoms which come from using psychedelic mushrooms include stomach ache, nausea, rapid heart rate and vomiting. The motor skills of users may become impaired, which can lead to accidents, and blood pressure will rise. Those under the influence of mushrooms may also display a reduced appetite, pupils which are dilated and hypothermia. The psychological risk of using these mushrooms is extremely high, and can include paranoia, memory loss or even schizophrenia. Mushroom users may experience depression, mood swings or panic attacks.

When under the influence of mushrooms for all intents and purposes, the user will be unable to perform many routine tasks for the duration of the trip. This could lead to the loss of a job or career, as well as damaged relationships with friends or family. As with alcohol, psychedelic mushrooms could also lead to prison if the user performs an illegal act while under the influence due to behavior changes and lower inhibitions. If you suspect that you are addicted to psychedelic mushrooms, visit us today and learn about your rehab choices.