How To Know If You Are Addicted To Bath Salt

bath salt

Bath salt can become habit forming and those who are addicted to it will display warning signs. Understanding this substance and what makes it addictive can allow you to recognize when you or someone else has become dependent on it.

What Are Bath Salts?

Bath salts are a product which contains a variety of substances, such as methylenedioxypyrovalerone, methylone and mephedrone. These drugs are designated as Schedule 1 substances and will also be comprised of other ingredients which are inactive. When using this substance it can be difficult to determine exactly what’s in it which is what makes it so dangerous. Other things could be present in the powder which makes it one of the most unpredictable drugs on the market, akin to LSD or ecstasy.

How Habit Forming Is it?

This salt is highly addictive. Many of those who have used it have said they developed cravings which were very difficult to control. These salts have not been regulated in many jurisdictions which means they’re legal to acquire in some areas, which means it’s easy to get the drug and explore its potential. Instructions are rarely provided in regards to administering it, which increases the chance of dependence or overdose.

How Does Bath Salt Addiction Occur?

Becoming addicted to this salt is quite similar to other drugs. Addicts tend to be those who have drug abuse in their past, or who take it in large quantities, or over a long time span. Addiction to this drug can come from snorting the powder, dissolving it in water and then taking it intravenously or simply swallowing it.

Signs That Someone Is Addicted

An individual who is addicted to this drug will do anything to get it. In fact, acquiring it will become the most important thing in their lives. They will put it before family, friends or careers, so their relationship and or job performance will decline. Those who are using this drug will also behave in strange ways. They may be prone to agitation. Due to the fact that this salt stimulates the brain’s “reward area” they will often display signs of euphoria.

The effects of this drug when consumed will last from 3 to 4 hours, but it isn’t unusual for the effects to last longer. High doses have been found to cause panic attacks as well as high blood pressure. This salt is a stimulant which means that those who take it will likely be unable to sleep. Those who abuse it for long periods of time may develop psychosis for sleep deprivation.

This drug reduces the need for food so those under its influence won’t eat as much as they normally would. They may also develop a headache or muscles which are tense, along with a body temperature which is higher than normal. Dilated pupils and nosebleeds have also been reported. The most dangerous effects associated with this salt are hallucinations and suicidal thoughts.