How Jack Built A New Life After Rehab

How Jack Built A New Life After Rehab

Jack didn’t come from the typical background that you’d expect of someone who had become addicted to heroin. Both of his parents were married, were upper middle class professionals and his childhood was pretty good. There was no abuse, nor were his parents drug addicts themselves. In fact, his parents were hard working, intelligent, focused and disciplined, only drinking socially at best and then only moderately. Perhaps this is one factor that led to Jack trying heroin and the need for a new life after rehab.

You see, Jack’s parents were exceptionally ambitious, and expected great things from their son. They expected him to follow in their footsteps, to succeed and make the family proud. But as Jack got older it became abundantly clear that he wouldn’t be able to fill their shoes. He wasn’t stupid, mind you, but he also didn’t have above average intelligence and certainly wasn’t brilliant. His grades were average, prompting his father to nickname him “Average Jack.” This nickname hurt, a lot, and by the time Jack became a teenager he begin showing it. Recognizing that he couldn’t match or surpass his parents, he decided to go in the opposite direction, to become rebellious and unruly.

How Jack Ended Up On Drugs

His grades steadily deteriorated, until he eventually dropped out of school. He fell in with the wrong crowd and started using heroin. His life went from bad to worse. His parents completely disowned him, wouldn’t speak to him, wouldn’t allow them in their house and largely treated him like he never existed. His siblings were kinder but even they could do little to steer him on the right course.

Jack, like so many drug addicts, had to learn things the hard way. One night he was inside a house partying with fellow druggies, which included his girlfriend at the time. He injected the heroin into his vein, just like he’d done many times in the past, but this time someone went wrong, terribly wrong. Perhaps it was tainted, or perhaps he used the wrong dosage; he wasn’t quite sure. But the next thing he remembered he was laid out on the floor, suffering from an overdose. Almost everyone at the party abandoned him, leaving him on the floor to die, except his girlfriend who managed to call for help.

Jack’s Life After Rehab

Both Jack and his girlfriend entered rehab together and got themselves off heroin. This experience, combined with the fact that she saved his life, created a bond stronger than Jack had ever had with his family. The rehab treatment staff was friendly, professional and understanding. With physical and mental therapy Jack was able to fight his way out of addiction, and begin to transform his life. His diet changed, he started working out and after leaving rehab he returned to college and finished, earning his Bachelor’s Degree. He married his girlfriend and today they are expecting their first child. Jack has also rebuilt his relationship with his parents. His story should be a source of inspiration for everyone.