Is Rehab Free?

Is Rehab Free

Many drug users who wish to overcome their addictions are discouraged by the high prices of many rehab programs, but they shouldn’t be. Because drug abuse is such a major problem in many cities, both the federal and state governments have stepped in to assist recovering addicts, and many non-profit organizations have also been established to treat them. These rehab free programs are effective and an excellent alternative to the more expensive programs, although they will lack many amenities.

Community Health Clinics and Religious Services

Free drug rehab should only be given to addicts who are in severe circumstances. These individuals will usually be destitute and unable to support themselves financially. Community health clinics are excellent sources of help, and will usually be subsidized by the government. As a result these institutions are able to provide rehab services either for free or for a reduced cost.

Because of the large number of drug users who apply for these programs, community clinics tend to be limited in the number of people they can help, and as a result will not offer the same level of treatment as the more costly rehab services. Regardless, it is an excellent resource for those who truly need it, and the government is interested in financially supporting citizens who want to overcome their addictions so that they can become productive members of society.

Religious organizations are another source for addiction recovery. Many religious institutions offer drug rehab which is free of charge, and they typically receive their funding through private donations or other charitable organizations. However, drug addicts who wish to receive treatment through these services may be expected to convert to their religion, but this isn’t always the case.

College Research Studies

Institutions of higher education are another source where drug users can get free or very low cost treatment. These organizations routinely perform research on numerous subjects, one of which is drug addiction and treatment. Students who are supervised may offer therapy to recovering addicts in return for earning credits and knowledge towards the completion of their degree.

This source of addiction recovery may require you to relocate, but the advantage is that you will get access to cutting edge treatment for a fraction of the cost you’d pay in standard rehab treatment centers. It is important to understand that there is a difference between rehab and support groups. A support group is a place where you gather, cooperate and network with a group of other addicts who are seeking recovery. Rehab involves the elimination of the drug from your system. Some addicts think they can attend a support group without having to go into rehab, but for heavy users this is typically not the case. Support groups ensure that those who quit using drugs don’t relapse. Finding quality rehab for free can be challenging, but is not insurmountable. Talking to the right people, asking lots of questions and keeping an open mind is a great way to ensure you will find a treatment program that is either free or within your budget.