I became addicted to narcotic medication

I became addicted to narcotic medication 5 years ago. I have multiple chronic pain issues and was put on pain medication. At the time, my marriage was bad and heading for divorce. I was working full time as a nurse. I had also just had 2 major surgeries in the months prior to my downward spiral. I started taking more and more medication until I would run out within a week or 2 when it was supposed to last a month. I started taking the narcotic waste at work and began using IV pain medication. People at work noticed I wasn’t myself and I ended up being terminated for being positive for 5 different narcotic medications. I had learned I was pregnant a few weeks beforehand but I could not stop. When I tried I would go into withdrawal. After being terminated I got help using intensive outpatient therapy as well as attending NA meetings. It save mine and my baby’s life. My daughter is now 4 and healthy. I ended up getting divorced but it was amicable and are still friends. I’m now in a new relationship and remain clean from narcotics.