How To Quit Crack Safely


Crack is a debilitating substance that has destroyed many lives in innumerable ways. Those that genuinely desire to quit for good have made a wise decision, but how can it be done safely?

When crack is abused heavily, it can be extremely difficult for addicts to break free. The reason for this is because of the severe withdrawal symptoms, and those who intend to quit should learn how to end crack addiction safely.

Is it Possible to Quit Crack Cold Turkey?

Yes, but it isn’t this simple. When someone becomes addicted to crack, their body is physically dependent on the substance. As a result, the manner in which their brain produces neurotransmitters has been thrown out of whack. While you can make the decision to suddenly stop using the drug, and mean it, a sudden chemical change will occur in your brain, which will result in a number of psychological and physical symptoms which will be very uncomfortable. These symptoms are referred to as withdrawal.

The withdrawal phase can be so unbearable that many addicts who attempt to quit crack cold turkey inevitably relapse and begin using it again. Some examples of withdrawal symptoms include extreme aggression, anxiety, reduced ability to feel pleasure or joy, intense cravings for crack, exhaustion, agitation, reduced motivation, pain in the muscles or bones, insomnia, paranoia, and suicidal tendencies.

As you can see, these symptoms are extreme, and the severity is determined by the extent to which someone is addicted to the substance. Worse, those who are heavily addicted may experience these symptoms for week or even months.

Very Few Crack Addicts Can Quit on Their Own

The amount of sheer willpower that is required to break free from crack without outside help is beyond the capability of most addicts. The reason for this is because the drug is incredibly addictive, and users who attempt to quit will begin craving it not only physically, but mentally as well. While it isn’t impossible for an addict to break free without outside assistance, it is highly unlikely, and not recommended.

It is for this reason that so many crack users enter detoxification and addiction treatment programs. It typically takes a team of experienced professionals to help addicts overcome their addictions and become clean. The majority of addicts will need emotional support, and this can only be provided by other people, particularly those who are experienced in assisting those that are addicted to control substances.

The Safest Method for Quitting Crack

The safest way to quit crack is to enter a rehab facility where you can be thoroughly evaluated by staff who are experienced in helping addicts overcome their dependence. Rather than quitting crack cold turkey, it is better to gradually reduce the dosages to the point where your body is weaned off the substance. This method will give your body time to respond to the lack of the drug, over a specific time span. This results in withdrawal symptoms which are much milder than what you will usually experience by attempting to quit crack on your own.