How To Pay For Rehab

How To Pay For Rehab

For many addicts entering rehab is tough, but paying for it can be just as hard. The fact is quality rehab doesn’t come cheap. A tremendous amount of energy and resources must be put into building an effective rehab center and staffing it with professionals who know what they’re doing. The good news is that there are many ways to pay for rehab if you know where to look.

Why Is Rehab So Expensive?

Those who enter rehab often need to stay in the facility for an extended period of time. This means that the facility must be safe, clean and staffed with people who are experienced with addiction treatment. At minimum, a patient should stay in a rehab center for about 30 days, but it isn’t unusual for the patient to stay longer. Recovering addicts need hands on attention and rehab facilities must be equipped to hold multiple patients. These patients need various services such as laundry, food and energy, all of which costs money. This cost is transferred to the patient. Below are some ways to cover it.


There are a number of organizations which provide loans specifically for those who desire to enter rehab centers. These loans will typically be low interest, and if you have a good relationship with your bank they may also be able to provide you with a line of credit. Addicts may also try borrowing money from family members. While some family members may be unwilling to help, others may provide the funds so long as it is used to enter rehab, and you should expect to pay them back promptly.

Sell Your Belongings

Most people have a few valuables that they can sell in order to finance rehab. This could include a car, coin collection, or other goods that can be sold for cash. While having to sell your belongings is never pleasant, it will keep you free of debt and it can be seen as an incentive to stop using drugs for good.


Insurance is without a doubt the best way to pay for rehab. Many Americans now have health insurance due to Obamacare, and many insurance providers will cover rehab treatment. However, insurance companies will typically have stipulations, so it is important to read your insurance plan carefully to find out exactly what’s covered and what isn’t. Most rehab centers will work directly with insurance companies to help you get the best treatment plan possible, and quality rehab centers will have staff members who are experienced with communicating with insurance companies.


A number of social networking sites allow for a phenomenon called crowdfunding, where small to moderate amounts of cash can be raised for individuals which are part of a social acquaintance network.

Financing In-House

Many rehab centers are well aware of the challenge that many addicts have affording treatment, so some have developed their own in-house payment plans. This financing typically allows the patient to spread out the payment over a set period of time, which makes it easier to afford.