How Holistic Drug Rehab Programs Can Help A Recovering Addict

How Holistic Drug Rehab Programs Can Help A Recovering Addict Deal With Root Issues Leading To Substance Abuse

Holistic drug rehabs have become very popular in the recent past after research showed that they are very effective when applied in addiction treatment. There are a few disagreements as to whether these types of treatments really work but a number of psychiatric services agree that the program has enabled recovering addicts reach full recovery succesfully.

What Holistic Treatment Program Is All About

The use of holistic medicine has become a trend in the modern world. Holistic drug rehab programs use therapies like mediation, yoga, massage and acupuncture to help recovering drug addicts. The program looks at an integrated spiritual, mental and physical model for treating substance addiction and abuse. Holistic treatment programs are also referred to as complementary or alternative treatments and these practices are derived from cultural traditions. These treatments are not only meant to treat symptoms and behaviors that arise from drug and alcohol abuse but, they go further and identify the root cause that trigger such practices.

Therapists believe that for a person to experience full recovery from drug and alcohol abuse they need to get to root causes of such behaviors first to avoid a relapse. In short, you need to deal with root issues that cause drug abuse first before a person can get full recovery.

Holistic addiction treatment focuses on dealing with several factors that contribute to drug and alcoholic addiction. Some of these factors include:

  • The spiritual grounding or lack of it that can lead to substance abuse. The lack of spiritual grounding is believed to be the root cause of most drug abuse cases since victims find the vice to be desirable.
  • Emotional imbalance which is a main trigger of substance abuse
  • Neurochemical imbalance brought about by eating disorders and unhealthy eating habits
  • Withdrawal and physical symptoms of addiction
  • Contaminants and environmental toxins that get out of control to cause substance abuse

Conventional And Holistic Care In Combination

Most experts agree that holistic drug rehabworks well alongside conventional therapies.  They agree that this can only be achieved when the treatment is provided through an inpatient treatment program.  Holistic care ensures it takes care of the following aspects:

Psychological: Therapists believe that the mind trains itself to crave some form of escape through some behaviors, in this case drug and alcohol abuse. Most of the times, drug and alcohol abusers understand that what they are doing is wrong but they are not really able to establish the root causes that lead to such behaviors. Through holistic care, therapists help recovering addicts get to the root cause of their addiction. Once it’s established, they can slowly work on the issue to ensure full addiction recovery.

Social: Holistic care also enables recovering addicts connect their behavior with the company they associate with. They get to understand that at some point they need to let go of old company that can easily lead them to old behavioral patterns. Not that these companies are bad but, if they continue to expose themselves in such environments, they are more likely to relapse.