Why Is A Holistic Drug Rehab Center The Best Addiction Treatment Choice

holistic drug rehab

One addiction recovery option that people have been hearing about recently in South Florida is holistic drug rehab. It is a form of rehabilitation which was developed in response to the fact that relapse rates in standard programs are still unacceptably high. Investigations have revealed that many detox facilities fail to consider all the aspects of addiction, including the spiritual, physical, emotional and social. The term “holistic” simply means that treatment is applied to the patient’s whole life, as opposed to only certain parts of it.

Addiction is extremely complex. Like any disease, there are a plethora of things that can cause it, and too many rehab centers focus on the symptoms instead of getting to the root of it. Therefore, patients may temporarily halt usage of drugs or alcohol while using these facilities, but once rehab is complete and they return to their daily lives, they are triggered to begin using controlled substances once again. Only by getting to the root of the problem can an effective, lifetime solution be developed, and this is precisely what holistic rehab is designed to do.

Holistic Rehab Characteristics

Rehab centers which utilize a holistic approach are extremely comprehensive. They will focus on the diet, physical fitness, mental and emotional state of a recovering addict. These facilities offer a vast array of programs such as massages, aromatherapy, yoga; saunas, meditation and Tai chi. Holistic rehab is designed to help patients handle thoughts which trigger the desire to use drugs. Family therapy is a multidimensional tool that is utilized to strengthen the connection that a recovering addict has with their loved ones.

Motivational incentives form an important aspect of holistic rehab. The reason for this is because positive reinforcement will help patients to abstain from the usage of alcohol or drugs. Studies have shown that patients in South Florida who entered holistic rehab within a month of finishing their detoxification had a greatly decreased chance of relapse, and many didn’t relapse at all. Holistic rehab is highly sustainable. This is because it is a multi-pronged method that is designed to develop new; positive behaviors while simultaneously discovering the underlying causes of addiction.

Holistic Rehab is Personalized

This is perhaps the most important advantage that holistic rehab will provide: its customization. While drug abusers all share certain similarities, no two are exactly alike. Standard rehab uses a “one size fits all” approach partly because it’s more cost effective than a holistic method and because the program creators lack creativity.

Holistic rehab centers adapt their services to the needs of each individual patient. The programs are indeed more expensive, but this is because they are effective. The staff members who work in these facilities have years of experience working with recovering addicts and will work with them to develop a treatment program which is completely customized. This makes the patient feel like they’re special (which they are), but also encourages them to overcome their addictions in their own way.