Heroin Addiction Numbers Hike Up For The White Population

heroin addiction

Heroin addiction among Caucasians in the United States has increased more than five-fold over the last ten years. Research shows that abuse is highest among poorer white males who are either uneducated, unemployed, or who work at dead end jobs.

Additional Facts To Consider

The ages of those who use heroin within this group vary significantly. Findings show that heroin users start as young as 18 and can be as old as 44. There is also a strong correlation between heroin abuse and the abuse of prescriptions drugs which are opioids. Few of the individuals within this group have the insurance or financial resources to pay for rehab, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Many of the whites who try heroin are not married, and while addiction rates have increased among White females, the sharpest spikes have occurred among White males. Studies have found no major differences in terms of geography, meaning that heroin usage among this group is evenly distributed throughout the Continental U.S.

How Heroin Reaches The United States

The heroin which is used in the United State primarily comes from Mexico and Afghanistan. Over 200,000 hectares within the Afghan wilderness are believed to be used for the production of heroin which is then shipped to the U.S market. Mexican Cartels ship billions of dollars’ worth of premium grade white heroin along with black tar into the U.S. annually. Ironically, Mexicans themselves do not consume it in large amounts and the nation for the most part does not have an addiction problem.

Solutions For Tackling This Problem

Heroin addiction among Caucasians is a very complex issue. Some, such as Chris Christie, who was governor of New Jersey, consider it a serious health problem that requires the creation of a federal commission to solve. Others believe that heroin abuse must be seen as an illness.

Many have criticized the Drug Enforcement Agency and federal government in general, saying that they are simply not doing enough to restrict the flow of heroin and other narcotics into the United States. Others counter that even if the Federal government where able to significantly cut off heroin shipments coming into the U.S., a growing number of Whites are also becoming addicted to prescription drugs, which are legal.

As with other forms of substance abuse, there is no one solution that will completely solve this problem. Instead, it will take a combination of efforts on the part of multiple individuals and groups to reverse this dangerous trend. Parents throughout the U.S., both White and non-White, must educate their children on the dangerous of using heroin.

This education should extend to schools and should be combined with a rigorous drug enforcement effort with serious consequences for those who sell it. The U.S. government must also work closely with the governments of both Mexico and Afghanistan to clamp down on organizations and individuals that continue to ship this poison into the United States, ruining the lives of those foolish enough to use it.