Group Therapy May Be Good But Does It Fit You?

group therapy

Group therapy is one of the many methods that are used to treat recovering addicts who enter a rehab facility. It has proven to be highly effective due to the fact that being surrounded by others that have gone through similar experiences will make it easier for one to discover the root of their pain and begin the healing process. However, is it right for you?

Are You In The Right Group?

To determine if group therapy is the best choice for you, it is first important to understand it and how to select a group. During group therapy, a group of recovering addicts will get together for the purpose of discussing their lives and addictions. These meetings will almost always be led by a counselor who works at the rehab center.

Group therapy is performed in many different ways. Some groups utilize DBT, or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, while others utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is important for someone who is thinking of trying group therapy to decide which approach they like best. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to this, and what works for one person may not be effective for another.

Group Therapy Benefits

Although group therapy is designed to be therapeutic in nature, it carries its own distinct principles and benefits. These group sessions are designed to provide hope while giving information and displaying altruism. Group therapy also promotes imitative behavior, socializing and interpersonal instruction. Cohesiveness within the group is absolutely essential to providing effective therapy. Optimism is the greatest benefit of these sessions and universality is a way of reminding each member that they are not alone.

Corrective recapitulation is another fancy term that you’ll hear about in regards to group therapy. It simply means that the group is a safe and nurturing place where past traumas can be resolved among others who also have had traumas of their own.

The Importance of Socializing

Socializing during group therapy is both encouraged and expected, as it is a need rather than a want. Most humans have a craving for it, and performing it regularly will allow you to live a life which is healthier and happier. At the same time, group therapy may not be the best option for those who are introverted. Those with introverted personalities tend to be more private and reserved and may best be assisted by individual therapy with a counselor as opposed to a group.

The existential aspects of group therapy simply mean that having support from a group will offer you the necessary support needed for existence while being able to overcome the severe emotional experiences which are often associated with recovery. No matter what addiction you’re suffering from, whether it be alcohol, gambling or heroin, group therapy is a powerful phenomenon that provides tremendous benefits when it is used correctly. It is a way of developing friendship with others who have gone through similar problems and as such will not judge you for your past experiences.