Freedom from drug addiction for Judy’s brother

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When I found out my brother was addicted to drugs, I was desperate for help. I had enrolled him at other drug rehab centers before but to no avail. Within a few weeks after he is out, he would get back to cocaine addiction again. I was looking high and low for successful drug rehab programs but none of them worked as promised.

A  family friend then told us about how New Life Addiction Treatment Center changed the life of their son who was abusing prescription drugs and was also addicted to cocaine. After speaking to the people at New Life, I entrusted my beloved brother in their hands. Fast forward 4 months after he left New Life Addiction Treatment Center, my brother is now back on his feet and guess what? He got himself a job at a local hardware store! His drug addiction has not relapsed all thanks to their drug rehab treatment. My brother is also smiling more than ever now!