Mental health rehab programs are here to help individuals cope with their difficulties caused by long-term mental health problems. At our treatment facilities, we offer services that can support and help patients who still find it hard to cope with mental health issues while combating a primary drug addiction. We will help you deal with these issues, gain back your confidence, and enable you live as meaningfully as possible.

Experiencing addiction difficulties while living with a long-term mental health issue does not mean you can’t be discharged. You are only recommended to spend some time in a specialist rehab service such as our dual diagnosis rehab program until your symptoms are alleviated.

Mental Health Rehab | Key Program Highlights

Our dual diagnosis treatment programs adhere to a set of protocols. Certain aspects of the program may be different for one patient to another. Here is what you can expect to encounter:

  • We will assess your addiction and mental health issues before determining what types of services you need
  • Therapy and counseling sessions will address psychological disorders and other underlying issues
  • Receive care that is specific to your dual diagnosis
  • Undergo extra therapy sessions and taking prescription medications if needed
  • Receive aftercare when rehab program is completed. Possible transition to an outpatient program for at least a year

Do be reminded that we are not staffed to address primary mental health disorders. We can, however, treat patients with a dual diagnosis when drug addiction is the primary diagnosis.

What Type of Problems Can Mental Health Rehab Programs Address?

Our mental health rehab is able to help you cope with a variety of mental health issues. Some of these include:

Are You Suitable for Mental Health Rehab?

You are suitable for our mental health rehab services if you have a primary drug addiction besides experiencing other underlying psychiatric conditions. For example, if you are experiencing the following difficulties, a mental health rehab program will be right for you:

  • Harmful use of non-prescribed or street drugs
  • Behaving in ways that other people find threatening
  • Being abused by others
  • Find it difficult to communicate with other people properly
  • Hearing voices that do not exist
  • Problems with planning and organizing everyday life

Cost of Mental Health Rehab

The final cost of your rehab program will be determined by various factors which include the location of the treatment facility as well as the medications and therapies offered. Many treatment centers today can offer longer treatment cycles that reduce the possibility of a relapse, and this might bring the overall cost of treatment up significantly.

While you think that you cannot afford treatment, this can be far from the truth. Many modern treatment facilities do accept both private and public health insurance, thus it is essential that you check with your insurer and chosen facility if you do not wish to pay from your own pocket.

If you are interested in a rehab program to improve your mental health and make significant progress in your drug addiction recovery, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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