One of the ways to help you or a loved one battle an addiction is to opt for intensive outpatient treatment. Our treatment facility offers patients a wide range of treatment programs that aim to help you overcome your addiction and allow you to live a more meaningful life afterwards, including the IOP.

This treatment program is a support program and service that is mainly used to treat substance dependency, and help you achieve complete recovery away from substance use. The IOP is best for patients who do not require medically-supervised detox or for those who have successfully completed their detox program as well as any inpatient treatment program.

Just as its name suggests, it does not require a long term stay at the treatment facility, and the therapies used in this program as well as the schedule followed is more intensive than an ordinary outpatient treatment program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment | Key Program Highlights

We provide our services in a way that is in accordance to the specific needs of a patient which will be identified early during treatment. Some of the main service highlights of the IOP include:

  • Individual counseling sessions.
  • Group counseling sessions.
  • Counseling with family members.
  • Substance abuse education that features motivational enhancement and strategies for achieving a substance-free lifestyle.
  • Life skills training such as communication skills, anger management and decision-making.
  • Education about health and medical issues.
  • Employment or educational support services to assist clients in becoming financially stable and independent after treatment.
  • Mental health services will also be provided for those who need them.

What Type of Substance Abuse Can Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs Address?

Our intensive outpatient treatment programs are able to address a range of varying substances. Some of these include:

Are You Suitable for Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Firstly, the IOP is accessed by individuals who are struggling with problems that pertain to substance abuse and other addictions. As mentioned earlier, if you do not need a detoxification program or have successfully completed yours, the IOP might be suitable for you. Also, the IOP comes in as recommended for individuals who do not want or cannot stay at the treatment center either due to work, school or personal commitments.

If you are interested in our intensive outpatient program, your eligibility for the IOP will be determined by an official medical assessment. That assessment has to be conducted at the center as part of our admission process. The program might be customized for each individual patient, which will be guided by the initial assessment and follow-up.

Cost of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The cost of an IOP varies greatly, since every treatment facility has their unique payment options. We do use some of the following factors to determine the final cost of your treatment

  • Types of therapies that are included in your plan
  • Schedule that you have agreed to
  • Added on services (if any)

A majority of the treatment facilities accepts health insurance as an approved form of payment besides cash payment. You should check with the appropriate authorities to retrieve any information on your mental health and substance abuse insurance coverage. This allows you to find out more about additional underlying costs, co-payment and deductible amounts.

To start your journey towards full recovery via our intensive outpatient program, simply contact us today for more information!

Does Your Insurance Cover Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) in Florida?