Dr. Phil recommends New Life Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

Rehab Center with innovative VR Immersion Therapy to Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Dr. Phil`s addiction treatment is based on virtual reality for rehabilitation patients and provides comfort and safety to patients in the final stage of drug and alcohol clinical rehab treatment.

City, STATE: A new tool comes up to help those who are battling toxic substance abuse. It is Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery, a program designed with focus on patient “transition from rehab to the real world.”

The Importance of Rehabilitation Facilities

New Life`s Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities can enhance their current programs by applying Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery in addition to other practices. The program is interactive and flexible, and can be used individually, or integrated into therapy sessions.

Through virtual sessions, in which the patient is put “face-to-face” with Dr. Phil himself, the program offers real solutions to scenarios and behaviors that are often triggered in patients after they leave the rehabilitation center.

How Immersion Therapy Rehab Program Works

By simulating real-life situations patients may go through after leaving the medical facility, VR sessions anticipate possible relapse risks, and allow strategies to be developed to address these triggers.

Dr. Phil virtual Reality In Recovery Transition from Rehab

During the sessions, Dr. Phil presents a set of questions, to be answered by the patient in a workbook and discussed with the center staff accompanying the treatment. He also recalls the struggle the patient is going through, and describes the steps he must take to achieve a life of sobriety.

The feeling of speaking directly to Dr. Phil, from the top of his 40 years of experience and knowledge in dealing with the subject, conveys the patient a sense of security, and the issues dealt with in the questions lead him to reflection and a change of concepts. This way, Dr. Phil can become a virtual member of many centers, a valuable contribution to the fight against toxicological dependence, which is already an epidemic in the country.

List of Recovery Centers with Therapy Immersion Treatment

Dr. Phil strongly recommends New Life Addiction Treatment Center, in Florida, as a reference in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, but there are also many other rehabilitation centers that have already joined Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery and are very pleased with the results. Some examples are: Family Center for Recovery, Inspirations for Youth and Families, Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, New Life Addiction Treatment Center, Discovery House, Turning Point of Arnold, Oceanfront Recovery , Habitude, and Ken Seeley Rehab.