Don’t Fall Prey To Teen Alcohol Addiction In College!

teen alcohol addiction

Starting college creates excitement in virtually every young adult. And it should, as it is a time in which you will transition from being a teenager to an adult, learning important skills and meeting new people which will allow you to embark on a rewarding and profitable career later. However, there is a dark side to college, and this is the heavy drinking that is all too common at parties, particularly among fraternities. Below are some ways you can avoid falling victim to teen alcohol addiction.

Choose Your Associates Carefully

Most college and university students want to fit in, but if this means binge drinking, it is better to be the odd man out. Peer pressure is just as strong in college as it is in high school. Given the fact that the brains of students are still developing, drinking too much alcohol during this time period can lead to lifelong addiction. Therefore, you will want to choose your associates carefully, staying away from individuals or groups that drink heavily and pressure you to do the same. The temporary satisfaction you get from being “one of the boys or girls” pales in comparison to the long term suffering that alcoholism brings.

Engage In Healthy Activities That Reduce Stress

College is extremely stressful, particularly among elite institutions that have high standards and a reputation to maintain. As a student, you will be expected to keep up with your studies and maintain exceptional grades. Furthermore, college students are often given complex projects and tasks which must be completed within strict deadlines. It is therefore not surprising that many choose to drink alcohol as a way of calming their nerves and reducing stress, but alcohol in fact is a silly substitute to more beneficial activities such as exercise, yoga, martial arts or sports. Engaging in these activities will strengthen your body and mind to handle the stress that college will inevitably place on you.

Focus On Your Studies And Not Partying

Many students naively believe that college is their last opportunity to party before they go off into the real world – well, this is far from the truth. There will be plenty of times to relax and party, particularly if you focus on your studies and land that high paying job with almost unlimited growth opportunities and benefits.

College is expensive, especially Ivy League institutions, so whether it is your parents covering the bill or you’ve landed a scholarship, you should consider yourself fortunate as many people simply cannot afford to attend without incurring huge amounts of debt. The point here is that your time should be spent primarily in activities that will help you enjoy the pursuit of education. Getting addicted to alcohol will achieve the opposite result, because the problems it will cause will make you less effective as a future employee, entrepreneur or leader. If you do decide to drink in college, do so in moderation and know when to quit, and get counseling if needed.