DIY Drug Detox Is Never A Good Idea

DIY drug detox

Some people have a “do it yourself” mentality when it comes to detoxification. They believe that they can perform a DIY drug detox without professional assistance, but as you will see in this post, this can be a very bad idea.

Risks Of Trying To Perform A Detox Yourself

Detoxification involves the complete removal of the drug from the body. As you can imagine, this can take quite a toll; so much so that complications could result if it is not done correctly. A person that performs a detox at home has no access to the sophisticated medical equipment or expertise that will be available to them in a hospital. Therefore, if something goes wrong, the consequences could be dire.

Attempting to perform a self-detoxification can also lead to an overdose. When a detox occurs, the body will look to eradicate the substance from its system, but if you are addicted to the drug and it’s close at hand, the severe withdrawal that results can trigger a relapse that can tempt you to take the drug again, in a dosage high enough to cause an overdose. Additionally, since the substance has been removed from your system due to the detox, your body won’t have the tolerance to withstand the dosage.

Many recovering addicts underestimate the dangers of a relapse. They may believe they’re strong enough to fight off withdrawal, and being in a familiar environment such as the home may reinforce these thoughts. In a professional treatment facility, when a patient goes through withdrawal they will be denied access to the drug, so they will have no choice but to get along without it. At home, no such restrictions will be in place, which means the temptation to use the substance in order to remove withdrawal will be extremely high. Many addicts have overdosed and died due to relapsing when experiencing withdrawal.

How Detoxification Should Be Done

Detoxification is best performed in a treatment center by staff that are trained and experienced with the process. Many addicts want to avoid these centers due to the costs but nothing is more costly than dying due to an overdose. It is certainly true that rehab can be expensive, but that is because it works. Besides, even if you’re able to successfully detoxify yourself and remove the drug from your system without any complications that is only the beginning of your recovery.

There are a whole host of psychological and physiological reasons people become addicted to controlled substances, and unless these underlying causes are understood and dealt with, an addict who has detoxified themselves will simply return to using the drug as soon as they develop a craving for it, and the problem will get worse. Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious, complex problem, and like most things in life that are bad, it is tough to get rid of. It will take a concerted, dedicated effort on your part to overcome it and lead a fulfilling life.